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Esthetic Tourism in Colombia

Esthetic Tourism in Colombia
Esthetic Tourism in Colombia

Esthetic Tourism in Colombia

Colombia, An excellent alternative for you

Colombia is not a new destination for medical tourism and has been internationally recognized for providing high-quality medical services plastic surgery being one of the specialties of greater consultation.

Esthetic Tourism in Colombia

Colombia country pioneer in aesthetic tourism

Colombia has been a country recognized as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, thanks to its beautiful landscapes, wide range gastronomy and the warmth of its people. Moreover, the end of the armed conflict has been key to providing a safe environment for foreigners visiting our country and generate significant tourism growth.


Colombia also has become one of the aesthetic cars ideal to perform plastic surgeries, it offers a variety of procedures that fit each patient needs.


He Dr. Gerardo Camacho plastic and reconstructive surgeon member of the Colombian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Bogota Colombia It offers a diverse range of cosmetic procedures, face and body providing the possibility of obtaining natural results, seeking to improve the quality of life of their patients.

Why choose Colombia as a destination for plastic surgery?

Colombia is known worldwide for the quality of their plastic surgeons and within this group Dr. Gerardo Camacho is recognized for his career at the national and global levels. It is worth noting that Bogota has the infrastructure of any world city for plastic surgeries, That is why it has become one of the ideal tourist destinations to take place cosmetic procedures, For this reason our foreign patients seek plastic surgeons in Bogota Colombia, since they are a benchmark of professionalism and high quality.

He Dr. Gerardo Camacho, specialist in plastic surgery, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Colombia, makes plastic surgeries offering the highest quality standards in each of the cosmetic procedures in which intervenes, technology developed with, best practices in each of the plastic surgeries performing, having extensive experience and human warmth.


He Dr. Gerardo Camacho, specialist in cosmetic procedures in Colombia more than 10 years of experience, He has made interventions to patients over 15 countries, who consider it one of the best plastic surgeons in Colombia.

What are the most common cosmetic surgeries in Colombia?

The plastic surgeries, aesthetic and reconstructive in Colombia They are the most attractive for patients who want to transform their lives through improved appearance or perhaps repair any part of your body affected by illness or injury.

Among the most prominent are: abdominal definition in men and women, lipolisis vases, lipolisis laser, tummy tuck, Rhinoplasty, abdominal dial, mamoplastía, gynecomastia, bichectomia, increase of buttocks or brazilian buttliff and anti aging treatments among others.

Similarly, the Dr. Gerardo Camacho, specialist in plastic surgery, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Bogota Colombia, makes beauty treatments providing the ease and reliability of the results obtained after a patient cosmetic procedure.

What should consider a foreign patient when choosing your plastic surgeon?

Some of the recommendations should be taken into account in the experience of Plastic Surgeon Gerardo Camacho son:

  • That he Plastic Surgeon has the training and experience needed to perform the procedure chosen by the patient, ie that has an ideal practice time this intervention.
  • The surgeon Plastic and Reconstructive have the respective academic degrees and this certificate, thus protecting the integrity of the patient.
  • Empathy and good treatment to develop the Plastic Surgeon with their patients throughout each procedure is a vital factor, as this allows a strong bond to generate confidence in the relationship surgeon-patient.
  • Evidences of the procedures developed by the plastic surgeon such as: pictures before and after the procedures and testimonials from patients who underwent.
  • Verify that the clinic will be held the plastic surgery, meets current safety standards, have appropriate equipment and in good condition to develop cosmetic procedures, have an optimal space for post-operative and meets the minimum quality standards to develop intervention, in order to provide all necessary conditions for a successful outcome in plastic surgery, minimizing risks to the patient.

Why surgery in Colombia

A significant number of patients from the United States, Central America ,Canada and Europe especially Germany, Holland and Spain have traveled for years to Colombia. Often celebrities including presenters show, singers, models traveling to Colombia to procedures Aesthetic Plastic Surgery thanks to the sophistication and quality of services offered made.

Understanding the needs of patients from other parts of the world our team gives you the ability to advise and design for you Medical Tourism Plan that best fits your budget and your expectations.

Stay in our country most of our international patients is approximately 15 days 1 my, invest 50% than budgeted in their country of residence, the expenses of surgery and 50% remaining in tourism.

Travelers have diversity of sites of interest from natural parks like Tayrona Park located in the department of Magdalena is the ideal destinations for tourists attracted by exóticos.El site hosting is very natural, It features traditional hammocks, camping sites and surrounded by spectacular mountain, just steps from the beach. In Canaveral there 14 Ecohabitats, and different cabins in the area Reef.

Cartagena de Indias located in the department of Bolivar declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco Committee, Berlin Year 1995.

The National Museum which it is in the city of Bogota that has more than 20.000 pieces, symbols of history and national cultural heritage , objects of archeology and ethnography of indigenous and Afro, as well as The gold Museum, cultural heritage of Colombia.

Reasons to understand why Colombia there is the greatest risk is wanting to stay.

Contact us to evaluate your case and design your Medical Tourism Plan.

Esthetic Tourism in Colombia
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