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Removal of warts and moles

Remoción de lunares y verrugas
Removal of warts and moles

Removal of warts and moles


What are moles?

Mole Removal, Often found in our skin Lunar these are formed Melanin producing cells and this accumulation of cells called melanocytes pigmented, which may present a circular appearance in different shades. All humans and most often children and young people have moles, although in different amounts and distribution.


What are warts?

The warts They are produced by one type of virus designated Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which are 70 subtypes, better known as: Human papilloma virus. This virus generates increased thickness of the surface layer of the skin causing elevation of the epidermis and skin deformity (warts) benign type.

Removal of warts and moles

What are the most common types of warts?

There is now over 70 varieties of warts, however the most common are: Warts on hands, in the face, In the feet, in the armpits and genital area. The doctor. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery performed removal of moles and warts performed cosmetic procedures high quality, with the best technologies for the remove moles and warts optimally, offering the best approaches to patient, in order to eliminate those annoying warts.


Are moles and warts in the patient create insecurity?

Such conditions such as moles the warts presentan una mayor frecuencia de localizarse en la cara ocasionado incomodidad, low self-esteem and insecurity, or other nuisance cases frequently these lesions are located in the area of ​​shaved beard reaching cause frequent bleeding shaven for this reason removing warts and moles It is the best alternative.

The doctor. Gerardo Camacho Recognized Plastic Surgeon in removal of moles and warts a specific assessment, in order to determine what type of lesion size, Location, engagement structures, rule out any malignancy and find the best alternative aesthetic.

Remoción de lunares y verrugas

What is a malignant cancerous mole or mole?

In most moles are benign (buenos), but it is important to make an assessment to identify whether a mole has changes that lead us to suspect malignancy (Lunar carcinogen). Such moles are also known as Melanoma skin cancer Some of the symptoms that can help identify whether the patient has a Lunar carcinogen son:

  • redness of lunar or a new swelling beyond the edge.
  • There is some asymmetry in the malignant mole since it has no definite shape.
  • The contour is blurred and cancerous mole irregular, ie lines lunar not defined which it starts and where it ends, plus pigment extends over the entire skin.
  • The color of malignant or cancerous mole It presents combination of colors at once
  • The size of a Lunar carcinogen You can exceed a diameter of 6 mm
  • Those malignant moles can grow unexpectedly fast and

How moles or warts are removed?

The doctor. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon in Bogota Colombia, the tratamientos se basan en producir destrucción por métodos físicos como el Laser o Quirúrgicos


There are different approaches in the removal of warts and moles can use different techniques according to the case of each patient.


  • Rexcitement of moles and warts Laser technology, which cuts and generating cauterized scab and after a week it will disappear.
  • resection mole or wart local anesthetic and proceed to perform an excision with a scalpel, subsequently the full moon is removed and proceed with stitches.



What are the most annoying and uncomfortable moles?

Moles become upset when they are located in a visible part, however some moles that are located in different parts of the patient's body to generate insecurity and discomfort, so come to removal of moles. He Dr. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon more than 10 years of experience explains that patients often withdraw more frequently moles and warts which they are located on the face, in the neck, back and hands.


What are the recommendations after removal of moles and warts?

The doctor. Gerardo Camacho, recommends that after removal of moles and warts should take the following steps

  • Keep covered area until the stitches are removed and / or until the Camacho indicated.
  • Do not expose the affected area to sunlight, as this can cause stains or Hyperpigmentations.
  • Maintain clean and dry.
  • Do not apply creams or substances that have not been prescribed by Dr., Camacho
  • If you have pain in the treated area, communicate directly with Dr.. Gerardo Camacho


How is healing the removal of moles and warts?

The removal of these lesions is an effective treatment quickly with short recoveries and best results will be obtained, arriving in most cases the scar is imperceptible. However it is important to clarify that when making removal of moles and warts Not all patients heal in the same way, also some areas of the body heal better than others. Healing after removing moles It can be quickly and take between one and three weeks, however each case is specific.

Removal of warts and moles
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