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Plastic Surgeon procedures Gerardo Camacho

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

procedures Plastic surgeon Gerardo Camacho

Today plastic surgery offers variety of methods both Plastic surgery Facial as Corporal , the implementation of new techniques offers the possibility of obtaining natural results and reliable when operated with the Dr. Gerardo Camacho.

Procedures Surgery Genital

procedures Plastic surgeon Gerardo Camacho

Genital surgery to retrieve the youthful features of the female genital area reaffirming the musculature, correcting alterations by remodeling, lipo-filling or infiltration of labia majora and labia, narrowing of the vaginal cavity with a result, aesthetic and durable disappears with that intimate resort that affects you and hinders relationships.

Procedures Reconstructive Surgery

procedures Plastic surgeon Gerardo Camacho

This type of procedure to retrieve the form and function of organs affected by disease, congenital disorders, development or Accident Injuries. It demands the restoration of form or function.

Anti-aging treatments

procedures Plastic surgeon Gerardo Camacho

It is impossible to prevent aging, but it is possible to delay, The Anti-aging treatments It helps prevent signs of aging. Reduces expression lines Enhancing Quality, texture and skin elasticity.

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