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Men lipolysis and lipomarcacion HD

lipolysis male

Lipolisis Men , VASER liposuction lipolysis Men Men, LASERLipolisis Men, Micro air lipolysis with the PAL LipoSculptor, Liposculpture in Men.

The Lipolisis O liposuction is a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon in Bogotá Colombia that allows remove excess fat located in men taking into account the characteristics of male morphology and can be complemented with increasing volume of other areas in order to obtain the characteristics of men features.

“Price of lipolysis in Men in Bogota Colombia” 2018

“Cost of male lipolysis in Bogota Colombia”

PRICE lipolysis MASCULINA 2018


The cost of surgery lipolisis In men it can vary between $5.000.000 A $7.000.000 Colombian pesosThe value of consultation is $100.000 Colombian pesos

(All costs vary depending on the method, the complexity of the process and the case of each patient)

“these values ​​are by way of information average. But may vary from case according patient needs”

What is the duration of surgery lipolysis or Liposculpture Men?




The procedure takes 2 a 3 HoursIt is not required on a 95 % of the casesgluteoplasty male – Abdominal dial – Pectoral implants

What is the recovery time of surgery lipolysis in Men?

Recovery from surgery lipolysis MASCULINA



Recovery lipolisis in men is 7 a 10 daysLocal – GeneralBody shaping , Male body contour marking, Design Male figure, Reduction of abdominal wall.

Liposelectivas technologies

Lipolisis male – Men liposuction – vaserlipo

The method is characterized by using small incisions in the skin which introduce cannulas or gauge diameters very small that associated with next generation technology selective destruction of fat cells occurs (Liposelection or Liposelection) like in liposuction VASER® the Lipolisis VASER®, LASER liposuction o Laserlipolisis, Micro air PAL LipoSculptor, allowing to define the body shape in fat distribution characteristic sites are male and abdominal, back and waist (populrmente known as tires) obtaining a flat stomach looking healthy. In some cases the fat obtained during the liposuction It is used volumizing some body areas as buttocks and chest area, in order to gain strength and definition; This procedure is known as Lipotransferencia Oily or Lipoinyección gluteal or graft the result obtained is shaping of Buttocks and Pectorals to give a strong and voluminous appearance characteristic of the male figure.

There are several benefits of liposuction masculine Lipolisis Men edge among these have decreased recovery time, improved skin retraction, minor appearance of purple, less pain, better skin contraction.

It should be borne in mind that Lipomarcacion Male abdominal objectives are diametrically opposed with respect to the lipolisis Conventional because we sculpt or carve different muscle groups, brazos, back, abdomen, pectoral and surgical time is increased to give definition athletic male.

When the patient is a candidate, is conditioned with healthy lifestyle based in sports with a balanced diet can be made the lipolisis High definition carrying male male liposuction to its maximum artistic expression to perform dialing abs, pectoral Definition and arms creating an athletic belly, defined, free fatty deposits known as liposuction High Definition men or Lipomarcación Men. Highlighting the path of each muscle, getting a youthful appearance and athletic

However this procedure is indicated in patients adapted to a healthy lifestyle based on regular physical activity have reached an important development of muscle or genetically structure actually have these features but otherwise these patients require after the procedure continue exercise to highlight the objective achieved.

Lipolisis male” O “Liposuction in Men” First man today spends more time in physical appearance and defining personal style as a result is finding a body atlético.Por this reason Abdominal Definition in Men or Abdominal dial Masculine "Six Pack"Lipomarcación or abdomen or" Abdominal etching "is one of the interventions of aesthetic plastic surgery occupying the first places in the procedures performed in the hombres.Como result, is obtained, a muscular structure developed with better projection of the pectoral, brazos, a flat abdomen with the abdominal muscles are defined characteristics of the male body shape searched from the search antigüedad.En abdominal definition or lipomarcación abdomen or "Abdominal Etching" therefore with lower fat component; and development of different muscle groups these are the characteristics of the body shape Male. These features have transmitted health over time, virility, and physical and sexual power modern man is not the exception.

Why HD lipolysis?

Male lipolysis high definition – Men liposuction – vaserlipo – liposculpture Men

Men usually accumulate fat in the abdominal area causing prominent abdomens really hard to improve despite strenuous exercise routines and still dialing the abdominal muscles or "define the squares of the abdomen" or "Six Pack"Or chocolatines or" Abdominal Etching "is sometimes unattainable creating disappointments.

That's why Corporal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Cosmetic Surgery for Men or Men is the best choice in male cosmetic procedures seeking to remove those unwanted fatty deposits through liposuction the abdominal Lipolisis Abdominal.

¿Qué es Liposculpture Men?

Lipolisis male – Men liposuction – vaserlipo – liposculpture Men

The liposculpture in men is maximum refinement liposuction O Lipolisis under special techniques each small area of ​​the abdomen is harmonized in detail the concept of three dimensionality driving abdomen and taking this procedure the maximum artistic expression plastic surgeon achieving lipomarcación abdomen or "Abdominal Etching".

The doctor. Gerardo Camacho Bogota Colombia Plastic Surgeon Member of the Colombian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive removes excess localized fat sculpting and defining the male body contouring, recreating the abdominal musculature and give volume to other areas such as the chest area and gluteal or male body harmony proportionality is obtained.

Cutting edge technology in Lipo Abdomen Dial Men

Lipolisis male – Men liposuction – vaserlipo

With the assistance of latest technology ultrasound or laser or Microaire fat cells selectively property called Liposelection or destroyed Liposelection

With these technologies we can extract deposits localized and in some cases treat sagging skin areas ; Fat obtained during the liposuction Prior male when exposed to multiple technologies is used to give better volume to some body areas as increased Buttocks and increased Pushups , This procedure is known as Lipoinyección or Fat Graft or Fat Transfer. Therefore gluteal zones are obtained and firm Pectorals, finally he is recreating a virile and juvenile male figure.

When lipolysis is complemented Men Pectoral or gluteal Lipoinjection is called Liposculpture Men

Lipolisis male – Men liposuction – vaserlipo – liposculpture Men

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