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Reconstructive surgery

bariatric surgery 2

Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive surgery

After bariatric surgery or major weight loss is excess or sagging skin that sometimes causes friction injury predisposes to the appearance of fungal lesions affecting self-esteem. Surgical correction achieved overall body harmony, highlights the figure and improves self-esteem.

Scar Treatment

Corrections procedures Scar

Reconstructive surgery

Correction of visible scars, deformantes, raised and widened is part of reconstructive surgery using the latest surgical techniques, Association laser equipment handling and use of special drugs have allowed fully satisfactory results.


Axillary Treatment Hiperdrosis

Reconstructive surgery

The disorder of sweat glands is manifested by excessive sweating particularly in armpits causing discomfort and inconvenience, as exaggerated response to a stimulus excites


Dermatologic surgery

He Dr. Gerardo Camacho makes its treatment of benign tumors, malignant, nevus (moles) ,cysts ,lipomas with complete resection with preservation of structures and function reconstruction of the affected areas with good cosmesis.

Reconstructive surgery
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