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Bogota labiaplasty Vaginal Rejuvenation Female Genital Surgery Female Genital Vaginoplastia

Intima Feminine labiaplasty surgery Bogota Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery or Vaginal Cosmetic

All about Intima Feminine Surgery

Vaginal Rejuvenation It is the best combination of procedures within the group Genital surgery for handling some of the structures that make up the female genital tract Perinoplastia, Breast Augmentation, Expansion point G, Himenoplastia and Mount of Venus.


All about Intima Feminine Surgery

In some women have fatty deposits in the lower abdomen or pubic and known as mons causing an unsightly bulge that causes dissatisfaction.


All about Intima Feminine Surgery

Limit the vulva and labia minora guarding female genitals It inmates in some cases excess volume and change occurs in the way which makes them larger or there is lack of them.

labia minora

All about Intima Feminine Surgery

These are located within the labia majora and in most cases they are redundant, flaccid and large surpassing the labia majora this causes discomfort occur during sex, with this procedure we seek reshaping the labia minora and terming this procedure Breast Augmentation


All about Intima Feminine Surgery

It is rebuilding the vagina and perineum, both structures are narrowed This creates a strong pelvic floor and reduce the diameter of the vaginal canal.


All about female genital rejuvenation

the objective is to obtain expansion of the fibers in this zone by injecting autologous substances (grease) or synthetic (Hyaluronic acid) allowing fully enjoy their sexuality, to feel more pleasure.


All about Intima Feminine Surgery

The hymen is a membrane at the entrance of the vagina. This procedure is to reconstruct the remaining or rest of the membrane.


All about everything about female genital rejuvenation

These procedures lifting vaginal O Intimate surgery better known with the term of genital cosmetic surgery They are the best way to ensure that women have more pleasurable sex and improve their relationships.

Vaginal Cosmetic Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery

The Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery It is oriented to correct certain alterations female genital tract. Female genitalia develop over time characteristics that are undesirable for aesthetic or health, the main causes of consultation are: heritage, vaginal and weight fluctuations, postpartum pelvic floor laxity presents its muscular walls and other structures, this leads to vaginal walls surgical procedure that corrects the laxity of tissues called widen Perineoplastia.


Why Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery?

Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery

The labia majora lose smoothness and volume, The labia minora become excessively large and flabby and sometimes outnumber labia majoradecreasing the pleasure during sex, surgical procedure that corrects this alteration is known as Labiaplasty Genital Cosmetic Surgery.

With the Genital Cosmetic Surgery He vaginal rejuvenation It is surgery that reconstructs the vagina and perineum estrechándolos and creating a strong pelvic floor this allows more pleasurable sex with your partner.


All about female genital rejuvenation

It is very common for women who decide to enter the operating room to perform procedures Plastic Surgery Esthetic as abdominoplasty O Lipectomia Abdominal about LipoAbdominoplastia, Mamoplastia de Aumento, liposuction O Lipolisis also decide to submit jointly to Vaginal rejuvenation or Vaginal Plastic Surgery.

Bogota labiaplasty Vaginal Rejuvenation Female Genital Surgery Female Genital Vaginoplastia
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