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Abdominal Dial Men, "Six Pack" or Lipolysis Liposuction Men, Laserlipolysis men, Ultrasonic lipolysis Men, Lipolisis VASER®

Abdominal dial Bogota, "Six Pack" or Lipolysis Liposuction Men, Laserlipolysis men, Ultrasonic lipolysis Men, Lipolisis VASER

What is Abdominal dialing in Men?

Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

Abdominal dialing men

The Abdominal dialing Men or Ab Etching is because today man is in search of athletic body, a muscular structure developed with better projection of pectorals, brazos ,a flat abdomen withdefined abdominal muscles…, with a lower fat component; These are the characteristics of Male body shape since ancient times. These features have also played an important straightedge in contemporary man because they reflect success, health and virility is why browsed male body aesthetic plastic surgeryachieve the objectives of a developed pecs with a dialing abs what is popularly known for Abdomen en Chocolatina o Six Pack.

Abdominal Dial Men

WHY MEN liposuction or lipolysis?

Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

Men tend to accumulate fat in the abdominal area and chest, these areas are difficult to improve despite strenuous exercise routines and marking the abdominal muscles or "define squares abdomen" It is sometimes unattainable causing disappointments .... That is why Body Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Men O Cosmetic Surgery for Men It is the best option in male cosmetic procedures seeking to remove those unwanted fatty deposits through liposuction abdominal OLipolisis Abdominal.


Abdominal dialing men

Men today are concerned about their professional and personal growth, but as they reach different achievements are interested in taking care of your figure .For this the procedures Body Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Men are the best option the abdominal dial is one of the most sought after today; Why allow to obtain abs athletic marked, the defined Six Pack or traditionally known as "Abdomen of Chocolatina”, reflecting youth, masculinity.

High Definition Liposculpture Men
liposculpture HD Men


Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

Generally, this intervention is indicated in patients adapted to a healthy lifestyle based on regular physical activity they have reached an important development of its muscular structure or genetically have these features but some of these patients require the procedure because they have not managed to lose some specific fatty deposits that prevent abdominal definition.

After the procedure continue to exercise to highlight the objective achieved. Within this group we:

• Healthy Men.
• Normal weight or slightly overweight.
• Emotionally stable.
• Clear expectations of the procedure.


Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

Although each case must be evaluated in detail. There are situations that increase the presence of complications.

• Patient with excess abdominal skin.
• Children aged patients.
• marked Sagging abdominal skin.
• Coagulation Disorders.
• Chronic Smoker.
• Obesity.
• Chronic Disease or Cardiovascular.
• Dysmorphic Syndromes.

What it constitutes the abdominal dialing Men?

The abdominal dial main objective allow visualization of a youth abdominal wall, exercised and athletic, prevailing form muscles abdominal wall. When removing abdominal fat components in detail and is achieved precisely adhere perfectly skin overlaying each of the superficial muscles of the abdomen and other areas.

The abdominal surgery dial O liposuction Abdomen with muscular Design It is aimed at men who want to emphasize your figure, improve their self confidence and trust.


Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

Abdominal definition in men is greatest refinementliposuction O Lipolisis under special techniques each small area of ​​the abdomen is harmonized in detail the concept of three dimensionality driving abdomen and taking this procedure the maximum artistic expression plastic surgeon achieving lipomarcación abdomen or "Abdominal Etching".

The liposuction HD or Lipolisis High Definition It is the ultimate refinement of the liposuction O Lipolisis this procedure being the maximum artistic expression plastic surgeon achieving dial Lipo.

The Lipomarcación is an operation performed by the Dr. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon Bogota Colombia It is allowing remove excess fat located in the abdomen, pectoral areaMen achieving sculpt body shape, recreating abdominal muscles and give volume to other areas such as the pectoral and gluteal area in order to obtain body harmony in Man.

Abdominal Definition Men or Lipo4k
Abdominal Definition Men or Lipo4k

Preoperatively lipolysis High Definition Men

The doctor. Gerardo Camacho reconstructive plastic surgeon and member of the Colombian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Bogotá Colombia abdominal surgeon will dial or lipolisis laser High Definition, or Lipomarcación values ​​each case knowing detailed medical history assessing the quality or excess abdominal skin, integrity of the abdominal wall ,distribution of fatty deposits and muscle development and explaining the specific needs required in each patient. providing an explanation of the procedure and verification of some evidence relevant laboratory to establish its haemodynamic status, which are verified by the anesthesiologist and cleared doubts about the anesthetic process.


Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

Being a procedure that requires special features to every patient these are preliminary indications for intervention.

• The Custom valuation is the most important stage of the process to meet the needs of each case.
• Blood Laboratories (Blood chemistry)
• Assessment by Anesthesiology
• Suspension of Omega.
• Suspension of Vitamin E.
• Suspension of aspirin or anti-inflammatories.
• Suspension of multivitamins.


Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

The Lipolisis ultrasonic Third generation is provided by the VASER® or SORING® teams this is the reason why the procedure is called popularly as Lipolisis VASER® OLipolisis SORING®. Laser technology as we know it LASER liposuction OLASERLIPOLISIS O Lipolisis Laser


Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

There are several benefits of liposuctionultrasonic last generation (Lipolisis vasesthe ® Lipolisis SORING®) O Lipolisis Laser men or Laserlipolisisin male procedures lipo dialing O abdominal dialamong them they are:

  1. Decreased recovery time
  2. Minor appearance of purple
  3. less pain
  4. Better skin contraction

Additionally this technology allows the definition of pecs Y Dial abdominal creating an athletic belly best known Abdomen in Chocolatina O "Six Pack" this liposuction High Definition or Lipomarcación 3D It is the best option within the group of surgeries for men Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Men by highlighting the path of each muscle, obtaining an athletic and youthful appearance.


Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

The doctor. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery S.C.C.P. I use general anesthesia during this procedure remain constantly monitored by the anesthesiologist.

HOW TO PERFORM THE liposelection lipolysis High Definition MEN OR LIPOMARCACIÓN

Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

In the Lipomarcación Men through small incisions in the skin and a cannula is introduced with the assistance of latest technology Ultrasound, fat cells are destroyedselectively property called Liposelection or Liposelection these technologies are Ultrasonic or laser among others.

The LASER LASERLIPOLISIS The laser lipolysis

Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

Within these technologies can extract deposits more often located in the chest area and granting athletic defining characteristics, equally we treat axillary area, upper back, Lower back,

The high and lower abdomen presents special considerations in this area where we enhance and recreate abdominal muscles creating abdominal dial or the “Six pack” O Chocolatina abdomen; inner and outer thighs also tried allowing define body shape and get a defined flat abs athletic looking healthy.

Fat obtained during the liposuction male OLipolisis mens It is used to give better volume to some body areas as increase of Buttocks Y Pectoral increase, This procedure is known as lipoinyección or Fat Fat Graft or transfer .The result obtained is shaping recreating gluteal or chest area firm , bulky and better projection.

When we use the laser technology assistance call as liposculpture male.

Because the abdomen athletic looks and we seek to work in Abdominal Abdominal Definition Dial Men or Men?

During this procedure the 50% the process depends on the Plastic Surgeon and the other 50% patient.

Abdominal Definition sought work 3 important areas for proper athletic belly.

1 Retirement fatty deposits:

There are some fatty tissue distributions prevent exposure muscle remove these fatty deposits on time and details respecting natural adhesions, we can recreate and define muscle groups. This is the big difference with the lipolisis traditional.

2 Muscle hypertrophy

This point is important because it depends solely on patient perseverance and discipline. After removing fatty deposits this we will produce the muscle groups defined and given the proper volume of each patient, It is therefore very important Postoperatively compliance exercise routines focused to gain muscle volume.

3 Skin tightening:

In many cases these two requirements are met, but the quality of skin is not good and presented flaccidity. If there is no adequate skin contraction resulting in perfect adhesion to the abdominal muscles are not going to get abdominal definition.

In other patients with stimulation on the skin when exposed to different technologies Ultrasonic, Vaser or Laser in detail and accurately achieves a perfect contraction, and skin adhesion coating. This process is given by the generation and renewal of collagen that culminates at approximately 5 months, being individually for each patient.

AB Etching Bogota

How an abdominal definition is made Men?

The doctor. Gerardo Camacho Colombian plastic surgeon in this procedure is done under general anesthesia in the operating room with a previous fasting 8 hours lasts approximately of 2 a 4 hours in a 98% cases is ambulatory.

a little smaller incisions performed 0.5 cm in area on natural folds where we introduce cannulas technology as indicated for each purpose Ultrasonic, Vaser or Laser with subsequent fat extraction point, sculpting and defining each area.

In some cases the fat before it is exposed to laser or Vaser is obtained for use in molding or add bulk to other areas such as pectoral or glúteo.


Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

The average time of failure of this intervention is 8 days about


Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

The doctor. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery S.C.C.P has extensive experience in performing this procedure. As a scheduled procedure risks are low or statistically equal to any intervention


Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

These are some of the indications given by Dr. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery S.C.C.P.

• After surgery you should use a compression garment for a period ca.. from 4 months.
• Conducting sessions ultrasound and lymphatic drainage Physical Therapy staff seeking to avoid accumulations of fluid and therefore the post-operative fibrosis.
• Start the sport 5 weeks based on muscle hypertrophy exercises to highlight the achievements.
• Do not expose to the sun or enter swimming beach during a period of 8 weeks.

• Start a balanced diet advised by Nutrition and Dietetics hiperproteicas low or statistically equal to any intervention


Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

Immediately you'll notice some of the achievements, but the average time is approximately 3 months. Which will be exacerbated to the extent that increases muscle volume.

Lipolisis Men's High Definition


Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

We understand that plastic surgery is individual needs and Abdominal each case is unique Dial for our team; We know that making the decision to significantly change your life is not an easy task, This is the reason why Dr.. Gerardo Camacho plastic surgeon takes long enough to evaluate each case.

That is why we do not handle prices or budgets telephone without first determining to make an assessment in the office and determine whether the patient is a candidate or not for the procedure or which technologies will provide the best benefits to each patient with all this we establish a budget.

Does the Lipomarcación Men or AB Etching or Six pack requires general anesthesia?

AND.At 90% of patients are needed Lipolisis High Definition various areas such as pushups, buttocks, back-extraction of large amounts of fat to enhance or add volume to other areas all with the aim of providing widespread and athletic harmony.

Because of this it is necessary to perform the procedures in abdominal definition men in surgical wards in the company of a surgical team to provide comfort and safety.

You can use implants to achieve the Abdomen Abdominal Definition Men or Six Pack?

NO, This is an urban myth today. Does not exist, Any type of implant, which suits the movements of the abdomen or meet the qualities of biocompatibility, resistance among other.

Can I Place Yarns for the Lipomarcación Men or abdomen Chocolatina?

  1. Similarly as above, There is currently no type of suture or "threads" or described surgical technique and passed we succeed in providing the appearance of the six pack abs.

I have too much abdominal skin after losing weight; Am I can perform Lipolisis male Athletic?

Must take into account that each case should have a personalized Rating .After lose a few kilos of weight skin quality affects flabby abdomens granting or loose skins ,These patients do not comply with the right features to perform this procedure.

Six Pack Abs definition or

Do I need to exercise after dialing Definition of Abdominal or abdominal?

AND.Once the procedure performed abdominal definition intensification of weightlifting routines required to achieve muscle hypertrophy and the space that was formerly occupied by fat replacement has for muscle volume.

But it is also true that losing fat volumes, increasing muscle mass will be a much shorter time period.

How long the results AB Etching or Six pack after abdominal surgery Dial?

Must take into account that in achieving highlight paths abdominal muscles with the intervention. Maintaining these is directly proportional to continue lifestyle where it is important ongoing exercise adequate.

Postoperative Abdominal Definition in Men

  • After the intervention a compression garment that help be placed progressively decrease inflammation, drainage of liquids used in the procedure.
  • early and assisted ambulation is ordered.
  • Physical therapy based on lymphatic drainage and ultrasound.
  • Pain medications, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.
  • Some pressure devices sorted by Dr. Gerardo Camacho.

Why people is not indicated Dial Abdominal or Lipomarcación.

We can not speak of absolute contraindications because each case must be evaluated independently and consider all possible alternatives.

  • BACKGROUND Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Excess skin marked.
  • Previous surgery of abdominal wall.
  • massive weight loss.
  • Alterations of abdominal wall hernias or separation of the abdominal muscles.
  • Coagulation disorders or autoimmune diseases.


Abdominal Dial Men (Six Pack)

Abdominal Dial Men, “Six Pack” liposuction O Lipolisis male, Laserlipolysis men, Lipolisis ultrasonic Men, Lipolisis VASER®
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