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Price gynecomastia breast reduction surgery men or male breasts

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Causes Gynecomastia What is gynecomastia? Male breast reduction

Bogotá gynecomastia - breast reduction men

The gynecomastia It is a malformation caused by increased tissue in the chest area causing breast man resemble a female breast this is known as gynecomastia means "Woman breast"This increase in tissue usually occurs during periods when the man having hormonal changes in childhood and adolescence; affects between 15 a 20 % of the men. r

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What is Bilateral Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia Bogotá - male breast reduction

In cases where compromises Gynecomastia 2 Bilateral called pectorals, but on a percentage of 15% It can be unilateral, This affects aesthetically and in several cases have emotional repercussions to be a rather uncomfortable condition for man. This alteration is one of the most frequent causes of consultation in men Plastic Surgeons.

Gynecomastia Men Bogota

What are the causes of gynecomastia or why men with breasts?

Gynecomastia Bogotá - male breast reduction

Increased male breast It can occur at any age in one or both mammary glands, by transient hormonal influence between estrogen and testosterone that occurs during different stages of life and infancy and adolescence.

Fat accumulation by weight gain and increased tissue in the chest area with a decrease in androgens and estrogens increase, producing what is popularly known as male breast growth or large breasts in men.

Gynecomastia as some diseases is also manifested by the excessive increase of breasts in men is also due to exposure of anabolic steroid hormones, Chronic Liver Disease, hormone exposure, estrogens, Renal insufficiency, Testosterone deficiency and Obesity.

¿Causes of secondary gynecomastia drugs or substances?

Gynecomastia Bogotá - male breast reduction

There are other causes development of male breasts or gynecomastia side effect of some medications such as calcium channel blockers, ketoconazole, Espironolactona , cimetidine etc.. and consumption of hallucinogenic substances like marijuana, amphetamines, Opiates and secondary Antidepressants when necessary medication that caused the enlargement of the mammary gland is suspended.

Bogota gynecomastia men

Nonsurgical Treatment

Male breast reduction

All cases should be evaluated independently to determine the appropriate approach. But there are situations where gynecomastia is secondary to obesity and requires, mandatorily, the patient lose weight. usually, gynecomastia may regress after three or eighteen months decrease when secondary to drugs or substances.

In some cases it is considered that it is present for more than twelve months requires a surgical procedure plastic surgery male body.

Surgical treatment of male breast reduction

male breast reduction

There are different surgical options within the group Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Male Body taking into account the degree presentation Dr.. Gerardo Camacho plastic surgeon performs this procedure under general anesthesia in health institutions that meet all requirements to the supervisory bodies :

  1. Mammary tissue resection.
  2. liposuction O Lipolisis conventional, Laser, ultrasonic the VASER® the pectoral area results with minimal scarring, in moderate or severe degrees resections of tissues or different breast reductions resulting scars are required according to the degree of presentation.

Always it requires careful evaluation of the anatomical components, to determine the degree presentation, time of evolution, associated symptoms and thus we determine the appropriate surgical management for each case according to the degree of presentation.

Surgical Treatment Recovery

Bogotá gynecomastia - breast reduction men

This procedure has a short disability in mild to moderate cases with a return to daily activities approximately 3 days and generally it requires the use of a vest type belt during the first 4 weeks.

Today the gynecomastia correction procedures within the group of Male body aesthetic plastic surgery is the best option for breast reduction in men .

Gynecomastia male breast reduction men

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Price gynecomastia breast reduction surgery men or male breasts
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