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And then my lipolysis? liposculpture, lipolisis

And then my lipolysis? (VASER Liposuction Surgery Body, lipolysis and ultrasonic liposuction)

lipolysis Bogota

And then my lipolysis Body Surgery Liposculpture, lipolysis and ultrasonic liposuction

1. The Lipolisis a LiposuccifromNo Liposculpture VASER the Lipolisis Laser It serves Obesity?

Answer : No ES treatment for obesity

The lipolisis O liposuction is a treatment for removing localized fat deposits, For those undesirable thick in some body areas.

But we have noticed in our patients the positive impact of the procedure Lipolisis O liposculpture VASER with decreased 2 a 3 this body sizes encourages them to continue with regular physical activity;

Accompanied by the implementation of commitments in their nutritional habits by adopting healthy lifestyles with a positive mental aptitude.

Many wonder: And then my lipolysis? here are the answers


2.¿Lipolysis or liposuction be Held is dangerous?

Today the constant evolution of Anesthetic techniques lead to plastic surgery procedures are safe
As every activity of our lives in our day to day creates a risk (football, travel, walk) it is impossible to diminish risks to zero.

All surgical procedures have risks, but being the Ultrasonic Lipolisis O liposculpture VASER a programmed process, The chances of complications are very low.

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3. What is the best technology in lipolysis ? Does Laser Lipolysis? , Ultrasonic lipolysis ¿ (vases, o Soring )a Microaire

It should always be clear that There is no better technology than other lipolysis . What exists, It is the best candidate for each technology.

In this election they are influenced by different factors

1. In each case we can find different situations like fibrosis, sagging skin, irregularities, anatomical structures disproportionate, etc…

2. artistic expression provided by a plastic surgeon trained in this set of techniques.

3. Commitment by the patient to make a healthy change of habits based on exercise and nutrition.

All this leads to obtaining a Best performance by each technology by the surgeon with his experience and better use of the patient obtained with the objectives lipolisis.

Given this We can find excellent results Lipolisis Laser, Lipolisis vases, Lipolisis Conventional and we can also find unfavorable results.

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4 Does Cellulite Treatment Has Laserlipolysis?

Although there is currently no treatment 100% effective for cellulite; there are procedures that help improve the different degrees of presentation.

Among these we have The lipolisis Laser. Accompanied that with a change of lifestyle based on healthy balanced diet, hydration with regular physical activity program gives considerable improvement to the different states of Cellulite.

Then my lipolysis lipoescultura, lipolysis and ultrasonic liposuction 2

5 After lipolysis how long should I wait to exercise?

I recommend that my patients start their physical activity to 5ta week postoperatively. On day 40 the patient has reached the 70% of recovery and it is in optimal conditions for exercising again.

Patients before Lipolisis O liposculpture VASER regular exercisers in periods of 3 times a week in longer times to 30 minutes; Restart their activity in most cases between the 3rd and 4th. Week

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Ideally to start exercising again begin in periods 10 minutes 3 times a week, this should be done gradually to increase every week 5 minutes until routines 45 minutes daily.

If this is the first time the patient begins physical activity should assist your health deportólogo to design the fitness program.

6. What kind of exercise is recommended After Liposculpture or Lipolisis ?

I recommend starting routine as elliptical cardio or heart rate monitor belt and combine this routine abdominal exercises.

The abdominal exercises plays a very important role at this stage because its function is to gain muscle mass and not fat burning.

The muscle mass gain allows the definition of the abdominal muscle to be conspicuous further highlighting the results of surgery.

I have always considered that the exercise load or using machines should be under the guidance of a doctor because the body deportólogo structure and development of muscle groups in each patient are different.

Thus, some patients need not work the muscles of the arms or legs or buttocks and others do. My recommendation is to consult your dealer Plastic Surgeon before starting any exercise routine.

7.Why Use the Faja after Laserlipolysis or VASER liposculpture?

The compressive effect of the belt reduces the spaces that were formerly occupied by fat volumes, This decreases inflammation and postoperative bleeding allowing contraction and adhesion of the skin to its deeper layers.

Additionally the use of the belt gives the patient support, shaping and comfort during recovery.

Lipolysis Bogota Colombia

8. How long should I use the rear fascia lipolysis?

This question is very common in patients who have done some intervention Corpora surgeryl and the answer is wide. Immediately after surgery I recommend using a strip with the current measure of the patient considering inflammation secondary to postoperative Lipolisis , in the week 2 change the belt for a belt with an undersized as decreases inflammation are becoming the adjustments and reductions Size girdle.

The minimum time is prescribe the use of the belt is 4 months, the first 12 I recommend using the belt weeks 24 hours and the following 12 only weeks 12 hours.

But it is also clear that there are some patients can not tolerate the strip in the post-operative multiple conditions, occupation, commitment, vascular problems, allergies to these patients ordered them to use the minimum strip 30 days.

9. May l continue to use the belt after 3 months?

This is one of the most troubling questions for patients especially for those performed for the first time this type of procedures and deserves more opinions about me.

My experience with patients has shown me that some patients feel safe and calm using it permanently as another garment for a period no longer than 1 year ; the compression exerted especially in the belt lumbar and abdominal region decreasing appetite and portions ingested.

Some who by their type and quality of skin are more prone to sagging sash helps reduce the effect of gravity on the skin.

But my recommendation is that you should avoid the degree of compression affects the circulation or causes discomfort or skin lesions.

10. How Long the result of liposuction or lipolysis is maintained ?

Permanence in time results Lipolisis are directly proportional to the care of each patient so should adopt a healthy lifestyle based on exercise and nutrition
the adipocyte (Fat cell) It's unique, the fat extracted does not return and they have no ability to multiply in adulthood ; only manage to increase its size. By adopting a new nutritional culture we reduce the volume of existing adipocytes.

Then my lipolysis lipoescultura, lipolysis and ultrasonic liposuction


11. Does the diet is necessary after surgery Liposculpture?

metabolic conditioning immediately after the surgical procedure is necessary is important to take a diet rich in proteins and iron (lentils, Red meat, viscera, spinach, berries) reducing carbohydrates other recommendation is to prepare food steam, grilled and then continue with a nutritional program tailored to your lifestyle.

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laser lipolysis bogota

12. How many Lipolisis I make my life?

The liposuction O Lipolisis It is a method of removing localized fat deposits improving body contour. It is not a treatment for obesity and maintaining the results are proportional to the change of healthy habits ideally always undergo one liposuction in life whenever the number of interventions increases risks and decreases the contraction of the skin.

13 Is the lipolisis an alternative to avoid abdominoplasty?

No. The abdominoplasty intervention is indicated when there are one moderate or severe excess skin and fat in the abdomen. A lipolisis cause the fall of the skin over the pubis.

know about abdominoplasty :

In my personal experience there is no technology (LASER ,VASER) to improve significantly the Severi excess abdominal skin .

However, each case requires individual management to determine the degree of excess skin., Laser /

14. Is it important that personnel performing physical therapy has been qualified?

And, in the postoperative period it is one of the important process steps Lipolisis. Proper lymphatic drainage will decrease the chances of occurrence of seroma and reducing postoperative fibrosis,

A suitable protocol ultrasound improves scar fibrosis that may arise as the risk of irregularities.

Be avoided vacuum therapies as vacumterapia, Swedish Cup because it prevents the adhesion of the skin to the deep plane creating irregularities in some cases.

15.How many should I have postoperative therapy after Lipolisis Laser Liposuction or Laser ?

Each case deserves an independent management but personally ordered up protocol 18 lymphatic drainage therapy and ultrasound with two subsequent monthly sessions, Experience has shown me that it is not important how many therapies do (30 0 40 therapies), if not the professionalism with which each therapy develops in the postoperative.

16 How long is the recovery of lipolysis or VASER liposculpture?

Most patients who have this procedure done returners to 5 days on average with performance 70% their daily activities.

Conducting sports practices is limited for four to six weeks time; All this taking into account the volumes extracted

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17 You can associate Lipolisis with abdominoplasty?

  1. AND. I personally use a complementary way abdominoplasty with Lipolisis Vaser the Lipolisis Laser Liposuction or conventional to improve body contours when treating localized fat deposits in arms, legs , high and low back obtain a harmonic figure , lean with a flat stomach .

This procedure is known as lipoabdominoplasty .

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By: Dr. Gerardo Camacho
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