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¿Que es liposculpture?

which it is liposculpture


“That is the liposculpture”, It is a very common question in procedures body shaping Plastic Surgery in Bogotá ; he Doctor Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon answer back, the liposculpture is one technique or cosmetic surgery that seeks to eliminate fat deposits that are located between the skin and muscle, Thanks to this a refinement body contour which associate Lipoinjection to add volume to other areas of the body is thus achieved reached a slender figure youth, athletic and healthy.

How is the procedure liposculpture?

Which it is the lipoescultura

He Dr. Gerardo Camacho in the surgery liposculpture explains this procedure Body Cosmetic Surgery It must be done in Plastic surgery clinics Bogota que cumplen con todos los requisitos y consiste en el uso de una cánula que se inserta a través de la piel mediante una pequeña incisión colocada en la zonas que se desea tratar y oculta por los pliegues naturales esta va eliminando la grasa localizada de la zonas seleccionadas. Posteriormente con la grasa obtenida es tratada , filtrada y preparada para dar volumen a otras zonas en las mujeres son los buttocks y por esto denominamos liposculpture femenina en los hombres otorgamos volumen en los Buttocks y los pectorales y llamamos liposculpture male.

lipoescultura bogota Colombialipoescultura bogota Colombialipoescultura bogota Colombia

¿Cuánto tarda la recuperación de una lipoescultura?

Which it is the lipoescultura

He Dr. Gerardo Camacho Miembro de la Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugía Plástica es considerado por sus pacientes como el mejor Cirujano Plástico en liposculpture Bogotá and he states that in most cases they can move their normally and, even, Back to work with a minimum degree of discomfort in less than a week after having her liposculpture .Most patients feel comfortable enough to take off his belt and start a new life with a more refined and attractive figure. The time of recovery liposculpture varies between patients, however more goals achieved with the surgery liposculpture Bogotá They are surprising after several months.

What else should I know about liposculpture?

Which it is the lipoescultura

The method of one liposculpture It brings benefits worth remembering that is not a weight reduction method, it is a way to sculpt, remodel, Molded body achieving and removing localized fat that otherwise could not be destroyed, or through exercise, or diets .The liposculpture brings advantages and lifestyle changes in patients says Dr. Gerardo Camacho Colombian surgeon These are reflected in the control of cellulite, the increase in volume of body parts such as increased buttocks or commonly called "Fat tail” and the molding of Figure. It is clear that to have definitive results the patient should take a balanced and healthy diet.


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What areas do me I can liposculpture?

Which it is the lipoescultura

The liposculpture In colombia as we know it is a method used for body sculpting remove fat and volumizing. The areas where you can practice liposculpture are different it is why the Dr. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon Bogotá It aims to emphasize each body area according to the characteristics of each case achieving excellent result of liposculpture:


  1. The liposuction neck and jowls makes the contours of your face appear more defined.
  2. The most frequent areas where the figure-body correction is performed, son:
    1. folds of the armpits.
    2. liposuction of arms
    3. stomach
    4. liposculpture the abdomen
    5. Pubis
    6. liposuction hips or liposculpture with increased hips.
    7. liposculpture thighs
    8. liposculpture the inner thighs – top of the legs
    9. inner thighs – top of the legs
    10. Among other.
  3. The liposculpture You can also be performed on the back.
  4. Fatty tumors – lipomas considering each case some are capable of dealing with liposculpture within the procedures of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery.

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What is it liposculpture?
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