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Lipolysis is Lipomarcación or High Definition?


which it is Lipomarcación


Always keep in mind that the Plastic surgery Medico is a surgical specialty that identifies the individual needs of each patient according to their characteristics.

This applies to both the aesthetic and Reconstructive ,They will never be two equal bodies and two similar needs.


which it is Lipomarcación

In any surgical intervention it is necessary to know the medical history, perform a physical exam and meet the expectations or desires of the patient. It is especially important for the assessment in the office.

It has information so I created this article to clear some doubts that arise with the process must be aware that this information is widespread.

This information does not replace a medical consultation

1. Which it is the Lipomarcación Abdominal or Lipolisis High Definition?

The constant evolution of technology applied in procedures of Plastic Surgery body contouring between these Lipolisis It has led to the evolution of this; creating Lipolisis High definition Lipo Definition marking the abdomen.
This refinement of the Lipolisis given by the expression art surgeon to recreate the abdominal muscles in women, abdominal and chest in men in those patients who meet the characteristics to carry out the procedure.

Liposculpture Alta Definición Femenina
liposculpture Women's High Definition

High Definition Liposculpture Increase Women with Glúteo
liposculpture Women with High Definition increase Glúteo

2. I'm Candidate(a) Lipomarcación for Surgery?

The best candidates for Lipolisis HD Lipo marking the definition of abdominal muscles are those patients with normal weight with mild to moderate fat deposits in the abdominal area with excellent health.

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3. Do women require Abdominal dial O Lipolisis High Definition?

The purpose of this type of lipolisis HD or Lipomarcación or lipo dialing is to recreate the abdominal muscles all patients with many men and women. Objectively by removing fatty deposits and can highlight the path of the different muscle groups in men known as the Six Pack

4. Can I have one Lipolisis Normal laser lipolisis and see the six pack?

NO, The objectives of the lipolisis normal male or laserlipolysis are different from the Lipolisis HD use and application of technology also varies, accompanied by the time used by the intraoperative Plastic Surgeon to achieve the objectives will also be greater, Only an extremely low percentage will be highlighted with abs lipolisis traditional.

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Before and after photos Definition Abdominal Gluteus Increase Women Bogota
Before and after pictures Abdominal Definition Women increase Glúteo Bogotá

5. I have lost weight and abdominal skin left over me I can do I perform surgery Lipomarcación?

If there is excess skin in the abdomen It's not possible achieve the objective of Lipo dial or Six Packbecause the excess will prevent perfect adhesion of this to deep plane. And the result will not be aesthetically pleasing.

6. Dialing is needed abdominal surgery in rooms?

Yes. The purpose of this intervention is the shaping of the fat tissue layer to recreate as known popularly ” the squares of the abdomen or chocolates ” and this is only achieved through the suction volumes. Legislation in Colombia is clear any procedure requiring fat removal should be performed in operating rooms.

Every surgery has a risk and they decrease when they are conducted within the aseptic protocols and patient safety in clinics for this purpose Certified.

Before and after photos to Abdominal Definition 20 days Surgery.
Before and after photos to Abdominal Definition 20 days Surgery.

7. For abdominal lipo can dial silicone implants in the abdomen for the squares look ?

No. This is an urban myth, Not on the market any implant design for this type of intervention to provide us with the “Six Pack

8. Can you put liquid silicone to draw the abdominal muscles or abdominal squares ?

In DEFINITELY. The use of biopolymers is rejected by the world medical community, because this described high rates of complications including death why these substances are not used, Avoid being a victim of deception by unscrupulous people who only affects your health.

9. Can I be placed Russian threads or other threads to create "six Pack"Or chocolatines?

No. The goal is Shaping the pannus and this is never achieved with such materials or techniques.

Women's High Definition lipolysis
Lipolisis Women's High Definition

10. I am a young person with normal weight Although I realize I have some consistent exercise fatties and unnoticeable abs.

These patients are ideal candidates for Lipo dial or definition of the abdominal muscles although a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity have localized fat deposits in the abdomen remove a detailed sculpting will abs highlighting six pack.

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11. With the Lipolisis High definition I need no longer be at the gym?

Conversely. Subjected Lipo dial or Abdominal dial you need to acquire healthy habits based on exercise and follow a food culture to highlight the objectives achieved during the procedure.

12. After how long will I see the Lipo dialing or six pack ?

You can observe the path of the abdominal muscles over a period of 3 a 4 months time which has fallen 80% postsurgical inflammation.

Dial Men Abdominal Pectoral Definition
Abdominal dial Men Pectoral Definition

13. Why should I wait 2 months to exposure to the sun after Lipolisis HD?

When performing the procedure Lipomarcacion O definition of abdominal muscles present little bleeding causing some bruising to expose this area to sun spots or hyperpigmentation present so we recommend waiting for 2 a 3 months for tanning.

Lipomarcación Men Abdominal Pectoral Definition
Lipomarcación Men Abdominal Pectoral Definition

14. Why should I use strip after Lipolisis High Definition?

The belt is used to decrease the spaces that were formerly occupied by fat tissue. Resulting in decreased inflammation, better adhesion and firmness to the skin to the deep planes, the patient feels safe.

15.Are the objectives obtained with Lipolisis Dial men abdomen and chest last a lifetime?

NO. As any material object that is subject to factors degaste ; The human body is the exception not the body suffers from sun exposure ,the aging, changes in weight , muscle and bone change volumes it is impossible that the results remain all our lives.

But the objects obtained directly will last time fulfilling healthy lifestyle based on exercise and nutrition.

Video Some cases

16 So should I do to keep the objectives of the abdominal Lipomarcación for longer?

After all corporal surgery and lipolisis it is necessary

Weight stability Weight changes brings marked effects on the skin resulting in severe elasticity and adhesion, Therefore it is vital to have a stable peso.


Ab Etching Hombres Bogota
Ab Etching Hombres Bogota

Know more

Regular physical activity. With the development and increasing muscle volume paths different muscle groups previously not allowed defined by excess fat is highlighted.

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By: Dr. Gerardo Camacho

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which is Lipomarcación or Lipolisis High Definition?
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