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Que es Abdominoplasty 8 frequent questions

Que es Abdominoplasty – Que es Lipectomia Abdominal o Tummy Tuck 8 frequent and important questions

Abdominoplasty en Bogota

8 most important questions of Abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck Abdominal Lipectomy woman
  1. What is abdominoplasty surgery?

The abdominoplasty It is in process Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which seeks to eliminate fatty deposits, remove excess skin and abdominal muscles correcting achieving a flat stomach with significant decrease waist centimeters; rejuvenating the body contour.


¿Que es Abdominoplasty?

2. What is an Abdominal Lipectomy?

It is technically known as Lipectomia Abdominal body intervention Aesthetic Plastic Surgery seeking management components abdominal skin, fat and muscle being synonymous or equal to abdominoplasty

3. What is the difference between Abdominoplasty, Lipectomia Abdominal o Tummy Tuck o Dermolipectomia?

They are synonymous terms or similar used in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery body contour as is technically known intervention surgery abdomen seeks to repair abdominal muscles, remove excess skin and fat.

Abdominoplastia Lipectomia Abdominal o Tummy Tuck

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4. How mooring abdominal muscles is performed to define the figure?

In the abdominoplasty O Lipectomia Abdominal seeks to correct the inadequacy of the front wall causing "stomachs curved" colloquially known as "filler" or "belly" plication is performed rectus abdominis and obliques, Consisting of several sutures correct the parts where the muscle is weak forming a muscular corset correcting this flaw this results in significant changes in the diameter of the waist or commonly known as "small waist "O "wasp waist


5. What should you do after Lipectomia abdominal the tummy tuck?

Immediately after the intervention of the abdominoplasty notice that it is inconvenient to have fully stretched position, This is due to complete withdrawal of excess abdominal skin.

  • You should start early mobilization is usually the next day; This should be assisted ambulation.
  • Not perform movement or lifting loads such as lifting babies.
  • Using the strip by 3 months allowing lower spaces that were previously being occupied by fat and improving skin adhesion to deep plane.
  • Sleep the rest semisentada.
  • Do not place hot towels or cold packs on the abdomen, The abdomen due to the intervention sensitivity is decreased temporarily, can cause burns.
  • Perform the respiratory incentive as prescribed.
  • Not self-medicate as applying creams, ointments or ingesting other medications unformulated.

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6. What is the cost of a tuck O abdominoplasty?

For the abdominoplasty It should be borne in mind that each case is different and the objectives to be achieved are not equal, there are prominent abdomens with excess skin that cause skin folds in these cases Tummy tuck O Lipectomia It will require more surgery time and budget or value not equal to other cases.

In other cases, intervention could be more complex or associated with liposuction O lipolisis other areas with complementary technology assistance therefore will be more expensive.

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7. How do you make a tummy tuck O Lipectomia abdominal O Tummy Tuck?

In the tummy tuck It seeks to correct deformities caused by the drastic changes in weight or pregnancy, It is performed in the operating room under general anesthesia.

  • Removal of fat deposits in the abdomen liposuction
  • Removal of the abdominal skin remaining.
  • Correction relaxation or closing abs.
  • Externalization navel.

8. How is the scar of abdominoplasty?

After the intervention notice a linear scar of variable length, considering the degree of over existing abdominal skin. But always hidden by underwear.

Then the scar will be influenced by the biological and genetic processes in their own individual repair. That's why I spent 6 months we can continue with the same characteristics scar on a percentage of 80% cases or the other 20% with widened scars that require further review.

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What is it abdominoplasty 8 frequent questions
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