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Breast augmentation surgery What it is the ideal size of breast implants and breast implants The location ?

mammoplasty or breast augmentation surgery

First it is very common to find plastic surgery consultation question What it is the ideal size of breast implants and the location La breast implants My case for Surgery Breast augmentation ? Besides the same way we find misconceptions that are made by people with no comments academic knowledge.

They will clarify some questions for patients who want or be subject to procedure Mamoplastia Increase or commonly known as Sinus Surgery.

The choice of size or volume breast implants in breast surgical intervention is based on multiple variables that are defined during a clinical and physical examination such as: a.Peso b. size c. Thorax size in centimeters d. Musculo skeletal structure and. amount and distribution of breast tissue f. skin quality and coverage Another very important aspect and the desire of the patient and other

Mamoplastia Lateral photo

Breast augmentation Before & After

Breast augmentation Before and after

Mamoplastia Increase

With all these variables are chosen few volumes breast implants that meet the special features to complement deficiencies or abnormalities that we detect with physical examination in each case .

Breast implants which features presented in Breast augmentation surgery ?

mammoplasty or breast augmentation surgery

Implants or breast implants They have some specifications

    1. shape : we find Round or Anatomic popularly known as Teardrop
    2. Surface or texture: in this we can find Lisa or Rugosa (Micro Textured Textured) Polyurethane coated.
    3. Profile and Projection: Baja, Media, Altos, Extra high or super high.

Breast augmentation prostheses Round

Photos Breast augmentation prostheses Round

Photos Breast augmentation Before and After Round Prosthesis

Actually There is no measure or standard placement for all patients, Because of this they are often friends with equal sizes or marks giving the appearance of breasts or very large or very small and very unsatisfied.

pictures cases Mammary prostheses You round

Before and After Pictures cases Mamoplastia

pictures cases Mamoplastia

Breast implants

So it is important that each case has analyzed separately, Because the implant ideal for her. It is not the one to the friend.

Does Breast Cancer is caused by breast implants?

mammoplasty or breast augmentation surgery

Not really. This is a topic that has been studied for a long time generating worldwide scientific evidence overwhelmingly. There is no relationship in presenting Breast cancer pathology in women using breast implants.

It has been concluded that the risk is the same in both women who use or have not undergone breast augmentation surgery.

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surgery Breast augmentation What it is the ideal size of breast implants and the location La breast implants ?
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