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liposuction 12 Things I should know

liposuction 12 things I should know lipolysis

Plastic surgeon explained by Expert

  1. What is Liposuction?

It is called liposuction intervention body plastic surgery procedures being one of the first places occupying worldwide made between men and women that seeks to eliminate the accumulation of those annoying localized fat deposits in different body sites; That despite exercise routines and eating a balanced diet they are resistant to elimination.

In this procedure incisions or approaches strategically placed cannulas where small caliber usually less is introduced is performed 5 mm connected to a suction device that removes fat and controllably .

Lipolysis or liposuction 12 Things I should know


2.What is the difference between liposuction and liposculpture?

It is a procedure for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery by Dr. Camacho additionally to the liposuction, the extracted fat is used to add bulk to other areas such as the chest area in men or gluteal increase women and youth with the aim of achieving an athletic body shape.

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  1. What are the risks of liposuction?

The doctor. Gerardo Camacho explains to his patients throughout our lives daily activity generates statistically risks , such as driving or taking a plane and liposuction Is no exception .

When scheduled procedure risks are low and equal to any surgical intervention, The most common are :

  • Infection.
  • Seromas the normal accumulation of fluid.
  • Hematomas
  • Anemia
  • allergic reaction medication.


  1. How much does a Liposuction?

Plastic surgery treats individual needs to define a budget a medical evaluation by Dr. Camacho is necessary to determine whether candidate or not for the procedure , value the distribution of fatty deposits , skin quality among others.

5.What is lipolysis?

Lipolisis It is called a fat cell destruction (Adipocito) by changing its natural state from solid to liquid allowing easy removal and molding. When the target fatty tissue causes less trauma to adjacent tissues with decreased purple and faster recoveries this is known as Liposelection .

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  1. Does liposuction and lipolysis are equal?

The liposuction a device used to remove fatty deposits body . In the Lipolisis defatting is conducted for usually Sound Energy or physical means causing damage to adipocytes or fat cells; Dr. Gerardo Camacho post lipolisis complements achieving remodeling of the body structure .


  1. Is the Lipolisis Better than Liposuction?

Actually Lipolisis It arises with the application of various technologies in liposuction in order to bring about the destruction of fat. Dr. Gerardo Camacho believes there is no better method than another , There is the best candidate for each type of procedure . That is why we have an excellent result with Lipolisis .

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laser lipolisis Mamoplastia colombia
  1. What is Ultrasonic liposuction or lipolysis Ultrasonic?

In the liposuction physical means of sound waves to cause the destruction of fat cells or emulsify this intervention is used call liposuction Ultrasound-assisted or Ultrasonic .

This evolution of third generation ultrasound equipment on this team have the Vaser® is why we call Lipolisis Vaser® the


  1. What is lipolysis Laser or Laser Assisted Liposuction?

In this procedure the physical mechanism of energy is used through a set optical fiber produces destruction of adipocyte this call SmartLipo. Dr. Gerardo Camacho in this procedure uses a laser of last generation.

10 What is lipolysis Vibration or

micro Aire® ?

In this intervention a device that generates a small and fast vibration that can break fat cells and is connected to a suction machine this is commercially known as Micro used Aire® .

He Dr Gerardo Camacho uses this technology in some previous cases of patients with fibrosis, also when severe fibrosis is added another additional technical.


11 Are there other technologies Liposuction?

We have mentioned the four types of current tools (Laser, Ultrasound , Vibration and suctioning) procedure for Lipolisis , there have been some others derived from the above. But no significant differences. Dr. Gerardo Camacho procedures used in the above technologies indicated for each case.

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laser lipolysis bogota

12 .What is Tumescent Liposuction 4K 4K or 4K Lipolisis?

is Dr. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery performed in this proceeding men and women who meet the characteristics of this intervention and uses the combination of different technologies vasera , O Laser Micro Minister- ; In which in addition to sculpting the overall body shape is so multidimensional seeks to recreate some paths abdominal muscles in men also called "Six Pack "Or popularly the chocolatines the Abdomen , Shaping arms and chest area .

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In women defining the oblique muscles with the center line of the abdomen called white line in some cases accompanied by increase Glúteo O Lipotransferencia o Brazilian Buttlift.

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With this procedure an athletic body is obtained, defined and youth.


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liposuction 12 Things I should know
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