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Women's Lipomarcación or lipolysis Abdominal High Definition

Abdominal Lipomarcación Lipolisis Women or High Definition

Abdominal is the Lipomarcación Women ?

It is the refinement of the Lipolisis Traditional seeking to bring the ultimate expression of art surgeon to recreate the abdominal muscles in women, chest and abdominal men in patients who meet the characteristics to perform this procedure. This procedure is known as Lipomarcación Female Abdominal or Lipolisis High Definition

The best candidates are those patients who have normal weight with mild to moderate fatty deposits in the abdominal area with excellent health conditioned to sport with healthy eating.

Lipomarcación or Lipolisis HD

The purpose of this type of lipomarcación or Lipolisis High definicióno Lipomarcación Abdominal Women is to recreate and detailing the abdominal muscles with all patients as many men as women. When removing objectively fatty deposits and allows highlight the path different muscle groups.

Abdominal Lipomarcación Women looking healthy


Abdominal objectives Lipomarcación Women

In defining Female Abdominal Abdominal or Lipomarcación I look for work 3 important areas for proper athletic belly.

  1. Removal of fatty deposits There are some fatty tissue distributions prevent exposure muscle remove these fatty deposits on time and details respecting natural adhesions, we can recreate and define muscle groups. This is the big difference with the lipolisis traditional
  2. Muscle hypertrophy that is specific to each patient ,as well as compliance with exercise routines focused to gain muscle volume .These 2 factors highlight the benefits obtained during the procedure
  3. The contraction of the skin: In many cases these two requirements are met, but the contraction of the skin is not good and does not allow the definition.

In order to obtain Lipomarcación Women Abdominal technologies that help us use; This process is given by the generation and collagen renewal process that culminates at approximately 5 months, being individually for each patient

liposuction High Definition or Lipomarcación Women in Women

Each case varies in each of these points that is relevant personalized consultation

Dr. Gerardo Camacho

Plastic surgeon, aesthetic and reconstructive

Member Colombian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive SCCP

Women's Lipomarcación Abdominal or Lipolisis High Definition
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