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5 Common questions about LIPOSCULPTURE


What is the difference between liposuction and liposculpture?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the plastic surgery is the difference between liposculpture Y liposuction he Dr. Gerardo Camacho City surgeon Bogotá clarifies the difference in the following article. In the liposculpture The objective is Figure accentuate or make a sculpture"human That is why his name. In this process remodeling the carving sand uses Lipotransferencia fat for some areas making body harmony is why it is associated with Increase of Buttocks or tail lift. When in the sculpting process technology it is used much more accurate model that allows the surgeon to form the body more precisely and in detail. The difference in liposuction It is the procedure to remove medium quantities and large fat, But without Lipoinjection.

The liposculpture It is the complement of the liposuction It serves to remove small amounts of fat and stockings so that areas of the body adjusts to the patient.

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What is laser liposculpture?

The lipolaser is aesthetic plastic surgery procedure that uses laser energy to treat excess fat and improve body contours. also called liposculpture To be, liposculpture intelligent, liposculpture Laser assistance. He Dr. Gerardo Camacho It is considered by patients as the best plastic surgeon liposculpture Laser in Bogotá and ensures that those who practiced procedure LipoLaser with fat removal They find it effective and comfortable, with significant reduction of body measurements, rapid and surprising changes in skin contraction recovery is the big difference with a liposculpture without conventional technology.

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What is VASER liposculpture?

In the constant search for adaptation of new technologies in procedures cosmetic surgery in Bogotá. He Dr. Gerardo Camacho is at the forefront in the application of these technologies in Bogota This is demonstrated by the liposculpture vases which it is a technology from liposculpture that uses ultrasonic waves to melt fat selectively, since the connective tissue, vascular and nervous remains intact. The clarified that the additional advantage practiced one surgery esthetic the method liposculpture vases It is the effect of skin retraction, It produced by the impact of these waves on the treated dermis. In cases in patients who have undergone liposculpture or traditional technologies and processes presented secondary healing fibrosis in their recoveries Dr. Camacho used in these cases liposculpture vases with protocols adapted for improve these skin irregularities.

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What are the care after liposculpture?

For him Dr. Gerardo Camacho Bogotá plastic surgeon welfare of their patients is paramount which is why recommendations for the a postoperative liposculpture it is equally important that the surgical procedure provides the next information:

  • Using the belt, This will fulfill the compression function favoring the "sticking" the skin deep plane, reducing the accumulation of fluid or bleeding. Because it is necessary to place girdle day and night: 23 from 24 hours. The girdle dries quickly, so he can wash and dry in 1 hour.
  • after one liposculpture It is essential Mild to moderate physical activity always assisted or accompanied not necessarily of a high level, always avoid lying or being immobilized for long periods the first few days after surgery, otherwise it recommended by, the rapid mobilization, walking attend therapy and controls.
  • In addition to these care, the patient should go to the reviews in the doctor's Gerardo Camacho: according to each case, A review of the 2 other days weekly in the first month after surgery and another four weeks. This will help analyze the patient's progress.
  • Considered by his patients Dr. Gerardo Camacho as the best plastic surgeon liposculpture Bogota essential that after having her liposculpture it remains a balanced and healthy diet.

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Am I an ideal candidate for liposculpture?


This is one of the most frequently asked questions and Dr. Gerardo Camacho plastic surgeon Bogota It tells you how to know if you're. The ideal person or candidate to carry out this intervention or liposculpture is a person with normal mass index or slightly overweight with good physical condition, despite physical exercise regularly accompanied by a balanced diet and, fails to eliminate localized fat deposits in one or more areas of body (back, abdomen, thoracic area , brazos, ,buttocks, neck, etc.).Although each case must submit a detailed assessment whether a person is obese does not meet the characteristics for a liposculpture.

The liposculpture It is not a treatment for obesity, but a one procedure in fatty deposits cases distributed in certain areas that affect body shape and are not easy to remove despite strict diets or strenuous physical activity or for aesthetic treatments.

It is also important to clarify that the physical exam at the doctor is the cornerstone of any procedure Dr. Gerardo Camacho daily receives many requests from their patients around the world who consult asking for advice on this procedure. It is clear that the photographic archive gives an orientation is the medical consultation with Dr. Gerardo Camacho It will determine planning to follow.

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5 common questions about LIPOSCULPTURE
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