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male liposculpture ( Liposculpture in Men)

As liposculpture in men

How is male liposculpture?

As we know the Cosmetic surgeries They are not only for women are is why in the doctor's Dr. Gerardo Camacho in Bogota the liposculpture male It occupies one of the first places in procedures Plastic surgery mens. He is recognized as the surgeon with extensive experience in Male Cosmetic Surgery in the city ​​of Bogota.

He Dr. Camacho clarifies that this procedure cosmetic surgery It is ideal for men who meet special characteristics between this localized fat, sagging with mild to moderate abdominal; this is the most obsesses men entire body area, This surgery is possible to improve significantly the contour, decreasing sizes pants and shirt with all this gives body harmony. Also the aim is to improve different areas of the body, as they are, brazos, abdomen, pectorals, upper and lower back and waist hip; depending on the characteristics of each case musculoskeletal and expectations. In this process is necessary bulk to other areas such as pectoral or Buttocks with Greasy lipoinjerto.

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What are the most frequent areas in a male liposculpture?

He Doctor Gerardo Camacho surgeon Colombian clarifies doubts where it is possible that the male figure you make a liposculpture with marked differences between mens and women, example the mens exhibit increased fatty deposits in the area abdominal compared with women who are hips and the thighs. With this in mind Dr. Camacho generates a list of possible areas to be treated for a liposculpture male:

  • liposculpture the Abdomen: one of the areas where mens GM is the largest fat distribution. With this aesthetic intervention It seeks to reduce the volume of fat abdominal causing commonly known as rolls or wheels, It is very common to hear that this area does not decrease with diet and exercise, Explains that because Genetics would be one of the last areas to decrease volume compared to other body areas and some may only be removed using a
  • liposculpture of man boobs or gynecomastia: Another frequent pathologies where we can use liposculpture men's in some cases the gynecomastia defined as abnormal development of the mammary gland causing breast male why it is very Accessed Dr. Gerardo Camacho plastic surgeon Bogota It is always necessary detailed consultation and research paraclinical to rule associated pathologies or causing this alteration . The consultation I can find asymmetries volume, gynecomastia unilateral and other. In other cases this zone is flat chest or abnormal fat distribution that requires liposculpture with increased size and use the Lipotransferencia fat to design a pectoral or athletic youth.

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  • liposculpture the double chin liposculpture neck or also known as liposculpture chin: it is also common to find the annoying double chin being in some cases only complaint in this area seek to improve unintentionally causing facial aging causing annoying skin fold in area tie ;It is why an important group mens They benefit from the liposculpture to correct this area and define the face, detailing the chin, decreasing the neck and jowls managed to have a much more youthful appearance and stylized.


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Will I have a scar after liposculpture?

Often the anxiety generated a scar on our body and that is why some cases limit us to carry out intervention cosmetic surgery Male body. Dr. Gerardo Camacho concerned this is not an impediment and less if one speaks of a liposculpture taking as an example the liposculpture male This procedure causes no apparent scarring since the incisions are small 4 mm hidden in the natural folds of the body or underwear Soon, These sites have evolved approach to small imperceptible spots on the skin as Dr. Camacho explains the type of incisions note that this is not an impediment to achieving sculptural figure one one athletic male body. Depending on the body areas to be treated we require a small number approaches that vary in each case are on average 5 above and 4 later.

What are the prices for liposculpture in men?

He Plastic surgeon Dr. Gerardo Camacho Bogota receives patients from cities in Colombia as: Medellin, Barranquilla, armenia, Cali, etc. or other parts of the world as Lisboa, Miami, New York, Atlanta, Italy, Panama, Madrid, Spain, Dominican Republic etc.; Despite the talk of the same procedure it is different for each case and that is why handles different prices, a liposculpture male can vary between $4.900.000 until $7.000. 000 pesos. The liposculpture for mens It requires greater surgical times that have an impact on costs compared to the liposculpture female. Some of the reasons is that mens They have a higher body surface, with larger areas requirements greater.


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