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abdominal lipectomy What should I know?

I should know about lipectomy ABDOMINAL

Abdominoplasty abdominal Lipectomy

lipectomia - tummy tuck

Lipectomia abdominal, The female presence is taking over the days leading roles in our society .Without forget that they are the mainstay of home.

This hand with current trends in physical activity ,weight , balanced nutrition have increased interest in personal care and thus the size and shape of our bodies plays a decisive role .

Abdominoplastia y Lipolisis Vaser
abdominoplasty Y Lipolisis vases

IF YOU QUESTIONS: I should know about Abdominoplasty LIPECTOMY, WHAT WE Here

Abdominoplasty abdominal Lipectomy

I should know about abdominoplasty abdominal lipectomy the dermolipectomy.

Achieving area abdominal flatter and youth is a goal for many people, both men and women. “The tuck” O Lipectomía Abdominal It has become one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures to recover and exalt the flat abs.

I created a little guide to help clear some doubts about the procedure “Lipectomia Abdominal O abdominoplasty of which I extracted from my daily practice.

Lipolisis_laser con abdominoplasty Bogota Colombia

1. Are all streaks can be removed with abdominal lipectomy?

usually 80% of the grooves have a location in the abdominal skin under navel, when removing this skin significantly improve the appearance of the abdomen.

2. Can you remove a scar from a cesarean section or appendectomy or laparotomy with Dermolipectomia Abdominal ?

Scars caused by prior surgical procedures in some cases can be removed entirely to time for a abdominoplasty it is important to know each case to define the result to be obtained.

laser Lipolisis con Abdominoplasty Bogota

3. What is the difference between Abdominoplasty, Lipectomia Abdominal o Dermolipectomía Abdominal?

They are synonymous terms of procedures “plastic surgery” used to refer to cosmetic surgery of the abdomen looking for abdominal rejuvenation.

laser lipolysis con abdominoplasty

Knowing on complementary procedures abdominoplasty as :Lipolisis

4. The Scar abdominoplasty es very visible?

The scar produced by a tummy tuck will be positioned horizontally, just above the implementation of the pubes, Hidden by underwear or swimsuit extending laterally a greater or lesser extent, depending on the volume of the abdomen to be corrected.

That despite being hidden by being underwear will be present , The quality of healing is characteristic of each patient and this is unknown , In some cases it reaches an excellent scar and sometimes a not so good that requires further review of the scar .

Best Lipolisis_laser with abdominoplasty Bogota Colombia

Knowing on complementary procedures abdominoplasty as :Buttock Enhancement o Brazilian Buttliff

knowing Photos abdominoplasty Before and after

Buttock augmentation or fat in the tail

5.Why lipectomy is done in Belt or abdominoplasty in Belt?

There are many techniques for Abdominal lipectomy or Dermolipectomy. The use of each is determined Considering ,competition muscular abdominal wall , the distribution of fatty deposits , the amount of excess skin above , rear and circumferential .

Accompanied by some individual characteristics of each patient. As weight , size ,chest width, bone and other body.

All of these variables for each case will give us a certain approach with different resulting scars.


It is always important personalized consultation, Besides knowing the medical history , anthropometric measures, skin type, elasticity ,flaccidity, anatomical variables, morphology ,distribution of fatty deposits ,presence or absence of hernias ,competence pared abdominal , also it gives us the information of the patient's expectations and your wishes and choose the best type of appropriate procedure for each case with the assistance of biometric technology, accompanied by the commitment of the patient ,with this we will get the best results.

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By: Dr. Gerardo Camacho

Dr. Gerardo Camacho Bogota Plastic Surgeon- Colombia Colombian Society Member Surgery

Lipectomia abdominal What should I know?
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