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The truth about cellulite



more than 90% of women worldwide suffer from cellulitis, This skin disorder is not only women are also a small percentage of men suffer

more than 90% of women worldwide suffer from cellulitis, This skin disorder is not only women are also a small percentage of men suffer.

"Cellulite" is the appearance of dimples, noticeable irregularities or depressions on the outermost layer of the skin "The Epidermis". To this skin disorder it is also known as "orange peel" and is due to increased body fat and is found most often in thighs, stomach and buttocks.

To better understand the origin of "Cellulitis"Is important to know that the increase of body fat causes the adipocytes are the cells that component The subcutaneous tissue located below" The Dermis "and store fat mainly triglycerides, increase in number and unevenly, invading "dermis" and later "The Epidermis" which makes the skin look smooth no.

In men due to hormonal influence, the distribution of fat subcutaneous tissue has a different pattern than women known as polygonal pattern, This pattern makes when body fat increases, this is projected into the skin and not to the upper layers "the dermis and epidermis", avoiding the appearance of skin irregularities; Also of note is that the dermis and epidermis buttocks male and thighs are thicker, these being the reasons that there is such a high percentage of men suffering from Cellulitis.

The question that most patients do is ... because some women suffer from cellulite and others do not? And the answer is related to the factors contributing to their appearance, and among them they are:

  1. Heritage.
  2. hormonal changes (Increase or decrease in estrogen).
  3. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause.
  4. Skin thickness.
  5. Increased body fat.
  6. Obesity.
  7. Bad eating habits.
  8. Sedentary life.
  9. smoking

The next step is to learn to distinguish four degrees of Cellulite:

  • degree 1: It appears by pressing or pinching the skin.
  • degree 2: It appears when standing, but not lying, It may be accompanied by striae or varicose veins.
  • degree 3: It appears when standing and lying, dimples and irregularities become more noticeable.
  • degree 4: It appears when standing and lying, the dimples become more noticeable, irregularities are deeper, also appear nodules.

the degree 1 Y 2 making can be treated to improve the appearance of skin in a significant percentage, unlike degrees 3 Y 4 which they are more difficult to handle and not as optimistic results.

After identifying the degree of cellulite suffering our patients are our recommendations:

for grades 1 Y 2:

  1. Improve eating habits to reduce body fat thighs, abdomen and buttocks ( Remember, you can consult some feeding recommendations in our publications
  2. Start a personalized exercise routine.
  3. Give up smoking.
  4. Consult the gynecologist to rule out hormonal disorders.

for grades 3 Y 4 follow the above recommendations in a timely manner and consult your plastic surgeon.

Cellulite Treatment Does It?

Although there is currently no treatment 100% effective for cellulite; there are procedures that help improve the different degrees of presentation.

These cases have Laser lipolysis. That accompanied by a change of lifestyle based on healthy balanced diet, hydration with regular physical activity program gives considerable improvement to the different presentation states Cellulite.

If you want to know some of our procedures Plastic surgery as Lipolisis Laser ,Lipolisis vases , – abdominoplasty click here

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The truth about cellulite
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