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Breast Implant care after


Breast implants or mammoplasty

Breast Implant care after or Breast Augmentation or Breast Surgery

Always they ask us to plastic surgeons in consultation care must be taken after Breast Surgery.


Breast implants or mammoplasty

Before & After Mammoplasty

Given that each case requires individual management try to give some general recommendations.

1. Do I need hospitalization for surgery Breast augmentation?
At 99.9% of cases breast augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis only in some special conditions requiring hospitalization day one.

2. Am I can place Mammary prostheses from 300 gm and will stay the same breasts to my friend?

THERE two equal body contextures.

The result of the procedure mamoplastia increase varies from patient to patient because there is different anatomical contextures composed of anthropometric measurements, chest girth , wide back , quantity and quality of skin, presence or absence of breast tissue , muscle mass, height, weight

In some patients have physical disproportions as asymmetries (one larger breasts with reference to the other) that's why, in the Breast augmentation surgery sizes, the shape, breast implant projections play an important role and are different for each patient.

At the doctor an implant type that suits their own personal characteristics of each woman sought.

Given the above volumes have breast prosthesis 300 gms which are suitable for some patients but insufficient or excessive for other.

3. What is the volume or size of breast implant that must have?

We must always know the medical history , anthropometric measures , the type and skin elasticity , some anatomical variables such as morphology ,distribution breast tissue, asymmetries , also it gives us the information of the patient's expectations and your wishes and we will approximate size implant mammary with some features form, projection , surface adapted to each case and will be discussed in the query.

Given all of the above have volumes 310 mgs round prostheses, super high profile, texturizadas, that will be appropriate for some patients but insufficient for other, despite sharing size and weight.

4. Can I sleep on my stomach after cosmetic breast surgery?

During a period of approximately 3 months ask my patients not sleep face down by high risks of breast prosthesis move during sleep.

5. I elapsed time I come to a pool?

It is important to note that by placing a breast implant This will remain a cavity or pocket completely sealed and sterile .With the passage of time is sought to healing and tissue closure meet these objectives , I personally recommend to my patients wait 3 months after surgery to enjoy swimming pools , Beaches, saunas, Turks and etc.…

6. How long do breast implants?

It is always recommended change each 10 a 15 years "Any Breast implant it is eternal " As every activity of our life a natural deterioration is present breast implants taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturers and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration ) after this time increases statistically presenting rupture causing inflammation and loss of breast symmetry.

It is also common that some women have more time for their breast implants but the recommendation is to change the 15 years.

7. Why do I have to do a breast lift or pexia after changing breast prostheses?

You is customary excess skin developed during the elapsed time in the use of implants giving an appearance of sagging breasts in Mamoplastia high school in some cases it is associated with a pexia breast or breast lift looking for a breast rejuvenation.

8. How long should I wait to have surgery after birth?

To make the breast augmentation after pregnancy must be taken into account if there has been breastfeeding or not. In cases No breastfeeding the average time 6 months after delivery.
If you have breastfed baby, will have to wait a minimum of 6 months after the last day of lactation.

9. When I can start the sport after Breast augmentation?

The onset of sport is progressive from the 6th week , to achieve the 10 week normal or routine sports like running, aerobics, yoga, cardiovascular etc. In the week 12 would start progressively the weight movement or cargo, with swim practice.

10. The breast implants Producing Breast Cancer?

definitely NO. There are many studies showing that there is no connection with Breast Cancer, the occurrence of breast cancer is statistically equal in patients who have performed breast augmentation surgery and patients not .

11.Can I breastfeed after Mamoplastia increase?

Women who have made the mamoplastia increase can breastfeed their children without drawbacks. This step is not altered by the location or placement of implants.

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12. Will the breast implant causes loss of sensation of the nipples?

In the mamoplastia increase at a low rate of less 7% has loss of sensation in the nipple progressively recovered during 12 months following the intervention.

Before & After Mammoplasty

13.¿Altener breast prostheses have to take care of me?

The patient had been submitted to Breast augmentation they can lead a normal life like women who are not performed intervention , Like every woman I recommend self-examination every weekend , Annual ultrasound study , after the 50 mamografias years and change the 10 years of breast implants.

14. Do I have massages or therapies after breast augmentation?

At 90% I use my prosthesis patients textured or coated polyurethane surface this type of breast implants do not require accompanying therapies in the postoperative, only in specific situations enjoin.
In breast implants smooth surface I use protocol 5 sessions held 2 per week.

Mamoplastia Bogota15.When can I return to keep under wire bras?

Personally In a most case not advise the under wire bras after Mamoplastia Increase.

During the recovery process scar tissue around the implant and accommodation of this tissue develops; to prevent the pressure of the metal rings cause breast tissue or marks or causing excess skin and shapes that may affect the outcome of the procedure deformities.
Currently on the market references fasteners rimless

16Can I go to the beach or a tanning bed when I have implants?

After expiry of the period 12 weeks of healing, There is no contraindication after Breast augmentation for assistance to tanning beds or sun exposure; These activities are not harmful to dentures.

Some patients report feeling sometimes will have to the implant increases its temperature or heated slightly more than another area of ​​the body and can take a longer time to return to normal temperature.

Avoid direct exposure on the scars or incisions from surgery for a period of one year, pigmentaciones provoke rays in causing scar evolve sleazy so I recommend Micropore in the scar or sun filter.

Best surgeon MammoplastyBefore & After Mammoplasty

17 ¿Be Held The Mamoplastia it is dangerous?

Today with the evolution of anesthesia techniques; They lead to plastic surgery procedures to have insurance.

All surgical procedures present risks, but being programmed procedure, The chances of complications are very low. And as in every activity of our lives (football, travel, walk) risks appear is impossible diminish to zero.

Breast augmentation occupies the top of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery procedures performed in the world

Today procedures Plastic body Surgery female within the group of breast plastic surgery are the Better option.

Most patients who have done breast augmentation change their behavior, They feel sexier, his life positively changes both in the sexual level and in their relationships, also they feel safer and better self-esteem, comfortable to wear their dress necklines are more daring and suggestive clothing.

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Breast Implant care after
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