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Plastic Surgery for Men Bogota


Plastic Surgery for Men

Plastic Surgery for Men, Male Plastic Surgery Bogotá - Colombia

Man today is in search of athletic body, a muscular structure developed with better projection of the pectoral, brazos, a flat stomach and well defined with a minor component of fat; these are the characteristics of the Male body shape since ancient times.


Plastic Surgery for Men

These features have also occupied an important place in contemporary man screed where the outside is a reflection of the inner because expresses health, virility and success.

Here Know About Abdominal Dial Men :

Modern man when subjected to long working hours, continuous displacements related to their profession together multiple family and social obligations that create stress and cause impact on their health and performance of daily living.

We live in a world where everything happens faster and faster, Although we have technological tools are decreased each day the time needed to bring a balanced diet and practice a sport regularly. At the beginning of the whole year we set goals and targets as starting a sport and reduce weight we fail or fulfill because of the lack of time or will to persevere and focus our efforts to achieve them.

Why liposuction or lipolysis in Men?

Men tend to accumulate fat in the abdominal area and chest, these areas are difficult to improve despite strenuous exercise routines and make the abdominal muscles sometimes becomes unreachable causing disappointments. That's why Body Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Men or cosmetic surgery for men is the best option in these procedures to remove unwanted fatty deposits.

The liposuction O Lipolisis High Definition or Lipo marking is a surgery that remove excess fat located achieving sculpting body shape and give volume to other areas to obtain body harmony or for people who exercise for long periods of time and which succeed only lose weight but not an athletic figure.

Liposelección o Lipoplastia Liposelectiva

Through small incisions in the skin and a cannula is used with assistive technology last generation Ultrasonic, fat cells selectively destroy property called Liposelection the Liposelección the Lipoplasty Liposelectiva

Developments Ultrasonic Lipolisis It leads to third-generation computers
Within these we have the VASER® team for its initials in English:
V (vibration)
A (amplification)
S (sound)
E (energy)
R (resonance); amplification of sound vibrations through resonance.


Here know other procedures Body Surgery Men :

Crunches or dialing "Six Pack" O Lipomarcacion

There are several benefits of liposuction O Lipolisis Ultrasonic art among them are:

1. Decreased recovery time.
2. Minor appearance of purple or ecchymosis .
3. less pain.
4. Better skin contraction.

Furthermore this technology allows dialing the chest and abdominal muscles creating an athletic abdominal best known Abdomen in Chocolatina O "Six Packthis procedure is the best option in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for Men highlighting the path of each muscle, obtaining an athletic and youthful appearance.

This procedure It is not indicated in people with obesity or excess skin of the abdominal wall.

Post Lipolisis with the dialing abs to start or continue a program that seeks to establish goals gain muscle mass specific groups making the patient gets quick results in an approximate period 6 a 9 this month in order to enhance and maintain over time the results achieved with the surgical procedure.

Know more:

Must take into account the Lipolisis O liposuction It is not a method of treating obesity, It is indicated for removing localized fat deposits ,with the combination of balanced diet and physical activity are directed magic or winning recipe when looking for a healthy life and an athletic body.

Video of some cases Men and Women

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By: Dr. Gerardo Camacho

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Plastic Surgery for Men Bogota
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