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Plastic surgery after pregnancy or Mommy Makeover


Mommy Makeover

Plastic surgery after pregnancy or Mommy Makeover

Definitely one of the most important stages in the life of women is motherhood, during pregnancy women experience emotional and physical changes that are normal, the constant desire to be the best mom makes changes in their physical appearance and weight gain, appearance of stretch marks, Spots on the face, fall breasts, among others pass the background. But months later seeks to recover the lost figure.


Mommy Makeover

During pregnancy the uterus having a weight of 30 gms during pregnancy can weigh around 1.100 gr, breasts double their weight which makes descend .It can earn around 12 weight kgs especially during the last two quarters, due to the weight of the baby, amniotic fluid, and fetal membranes.

Surgery-de-estrias-BogotaOften the mother's appetite and therefore increase your calorie intake and average weight 12 kgDM can reach reach up 35 kgms or more, and that's when you begin to notice changes in the female figure as loss of waist circumference disappears at the expense of increased abdominal girth given by the growing uterus which houses the new being.
Some patients refer to Plastic Surgeons the presence of Stretch marks It is the most frightening pregnancy change which is caused by the breaking of the elastic fibers that compose the dermis of the skin which has the property of increasing in extension 5 a 10 Sometimes during pregnancy, less elastic fibers are broken, causing marks that start with different shades ranging from Pink color, then reddish and finally, white, more frequently in areas of the abdomen, bosom, thighs, buttocks y caderas.


In some cases physical changes are so important that the patient requires surgical management for Plastic Surgery
. And procedures Aesthetic Plastic Surgery They offer the best options.

Within the group of Body Plastic Surgery the most common procedures are:

Plastic surgery after pregnancy or Mommy Makeover

a. Abdominoplasty or Abdominal Reconstruction:

La Lipectomía Abdominal o abdominoplasty O Tummy Tuck this procedure is performed, repair of abdominal rectus muscles that seeks to recover the strength of the abdominal wall, remove excess sagging skin and excess skin located below the navel, It is in this area that most often appear stretch marks is why it is called popularly surgery to remove the striae includes extraction of fat located in the abdomen also in some cases caesarean scars are removed with this procedure we obtained a abdominal rejuvenation with less than waist centimeters ,Natural navel and a flat stomach.

estrias surgery Colombia
In the Mamas Subsequent Atrophy breastfeeding generates breasts without projection and forms, especially in the upper portion of the breast, or too large breasts with lack of projection and lowered.

In these cases, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery It offers several options:

Mamoplastia Increase : The main objective is to improve volume and shape by using implants.

know about Mamoplastia O Breast augmentation .


Breast augmentationMammary or pexia Mastopexy, This procedure searches lift up breasts that have fallen and increase its size, in some cases this can be done with the use of implants.

Breast Surgery

For the rest of the body contour one fat accumulation is also generated, predominantly in the central area use Lipolisis O liposuction with the moldeamiento gluteus O gluteoplasty.

Abdominoplasty con lipolysis


As mentioned, physiological changes during pregnancy are normal, and the 6 months or tissues return to normal, to the extent that the hormonal process decreases, so it is suggested not practicing surgical procedures before this time, Similarly breast surgeries, should not be performed until the lactation stage is completed and there is no more milk production.

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