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Brazilian Butt Lift or Buttock Lift or Buttock Augmentation

Brazilian Butt Lift or Buttock Lift or Buttock Augmentation

Improve the contour buttocks accompanied by a "better derriere"Especially looking for buttocks big, firm and voluptuous Latina characteristics of these are the reasons most requested in the body Aesthetic Plastic Surgery it is for this reason that these procedures has been popularly called Brazilian Butt Lift or Uprising Buttocks increasing Buttocks gluteus Brazilian. All this in order to beautify buttocks.

Uprising Buttocks is a procedure for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery applied even by men and women seeking Rejuvenation or the gluteal area Buttocks keeping the characteristics of each genre.


Dr. Gerardo Camacho in Bogota Colombia Plastic Surgeon Member of the Colombian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and therefore with the aim of a contoured or prominent gluteal area defined can be performed either of the two procedures.

What are the procedures for bringing Brazilian Butt Lift or Buttock Lift or Buttock Augmentation?

Currently they presented 2 safe methods for increasing the contoured buttocks likewise adopted by the World Medical community.

A. Lipotransference Lipoinjection fat or fat or Lipoinjerto Glúteo for Buttock Lift.

It is the first procedure So called for improve projection and ensure that Buttocks Have a great volume, size must be defined and mold in its entirety, This contour design glúteo It consists of 2 steps described below .

2. Subsequently volume grants buttocks obtained fat is injected during the Lipolisis O liposuction This procedure is technically known as Lipotransferencia The gluteal gluteal Lipoinyección the Lipoinjerto Graso the Lipofilling.

Fat should be taken from some areas before being exposed to other technologies such as laser or Vaser and is subsequently treated with special techniques to be subsequently injected into the glúteo. With all this you get a gluteus round aesthetically beautiful and harmonious.


B. Buttocks implants for Brazilian Butt Lift.

The second procedure involves placing implants or gluteal prostheses have been designed with special features to be placed in the buttocks within the muscle glúteo more particularly men who are primarily seeking implants buttocks.

With the above procedures we obtain a Brazilian Butt Lift or Lift Buttocks increasing Buttocks as desired by each patient.

Frequent questions

Is it true that there are substances or vitamins to increase the volume of Buttocks?


There are unscrupulous people who despite multiple alarms in the global medical community continue to captivate gullible offering supposedly miraculous substances serve to increase The volume of Buttocks. All these substances marketed as vitamins, hyaluronic acid , They are simply synthetic materials like Biopolymers , paraffin ,methacrylates or oils.

It documented the immediate harmful effects and long term and even death following application.

Does the Glúteo increase or COLA increase is absorbed with Lipotransfer?

Fat volume lost after the procedure in some cases is approx 25 % for this reason within the procedure we apply slightly higher volumes to correct this loss.

Dr. Gerardo Camacho

Plastic surgeon, aesthetic and reconstructive

Member Colombian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive SCCP

Bogotá – Colombia

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Brazilian Butt Lift or Lift Buttocks increasing Buttocks
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