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Breast augmentation – mamoplastia

After pregnancy when I can submit to the Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation, It must wait for all the structure go back to normal and between breasts, finished breastfeeding is the ideal time 6 months to undergo surgery.

aumento de senos
Breast augmentation

Are breast implants lift sagging breasts?

NO, prostheses gives projection and increased volume of the breast. En los casos donde los senos presentan descenso la intervención indicada se llama Levantamiento de Senos o Pexia mamaria y teniendo en cuenta el grado de caída puede ocasionar cicatrices de menor a mayor extensión y en diferentes casos se puede acompañar de Mammary prostheses.

Is the procedure mammoplasty or mamopexia is only for aesthetic reasons?

No, not all women undergo these procedures aesthetic reasons, There are also medical reasons (as the Breast reduction by the weight exerted on the back and other health issues)

The mamoplastia entails a change of volume and shape of the breast. The two types of procedures or surgeries that there are mamoplastia increase Y mamoplastia reduction.



The Breast surgery o La Mamoplastía de Aumento es el procedimiento de Cirugía Plástica Estética Corporal que busca aumentar el volumen; improve the shape or reconstruct breasts through breast implants O breast implants.


Breast Augmentation is Bogotá


1 How it is called breast augmentation surgery?

It is technically called this procedure in Plastic Surgery as Mamoplastia de Aumento siendo sinónimos o iguales de este procedimiento Breast augmentation surgery It is also popularly known as cirugía de senos o Cirugía de breast implants.

Many wonder: Cómo es la Recuperación después del Aumento Mamario o Mamoplastia? here are the answers

Mamoplastia o Aumento Mamario

2 How Recovery after Breast Augmentation Recovery or after Mammoplasty?

Immediately after the intervention Breast augmentation noticed a slight pressure in the chest area is accentuated with breathing. Each case has its own recommendations for information purposes The Dr. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon gives these recommendations

  • Avoid raising your arms above shoulder.
  • Do not wet or remove the bandages left in Surgery.
  • Using post-surgical support the 24 hours a day for a month.
  • Do not apply creams or substances not prescribed.
  • strict compliance with prescribed medications.
  • No heavy lifting or moving loads.

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3 How long does it take to recover from surgery breast augmentation?

The average recovery time is 7 days to return to daily activities. But clarifies Dr.. Camacho during the first two months should not be performed sports such as weightlifting, Taekwondo, basketball etc. The second month on average if there are no injuries can enter Pools, bathtubs.


4 What to expect after breast augmentation surgery?

Important notice increased breast size after surgery. Decrease their swelling breasts gradually at a time when average 8 weeks of the month.

In some cases the decrease in sensitivity of the areola area with decreasing inflammation occurs will recover.

5 What are the risks of Breast Augmentation?

The doctor. Gerardo Camacho explains to his patients throughout our lives daily activity generates statistically risks, like crossing a street or car travel and Breast augmentation Is no exception.

When scheduled procedure risks are low and equal to any surgical intervention, The most common are:

  • Infection.
  • Dehiscence or Ruptura of the Suturas
  • Seromas the normal accumulation of fluid.
  • Hematomas
  • allergic reaction medication.
  1. What do you feel when a breast implant breaks?

The doctor. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery explains Introducing a breast prosthesis Rota you can find different symptoms and signs

  • Lumps appearance around the implant or Axila.
  • In some cases discoloration of the skin.
  • Alteration in sensitivity Increase or Decrease.
  • Breast deformity.
  • disproportionate increase or downsizing.
  1. What is the Capsular contracture?

It is one of the complications of interventions Breast augmentation They presented in a percentage lower than under 3%. This is caused by various factors that trigger an enhanced immune response to the implant causing a scar or wrapping around the implant called capsule when this assumes a consistency or stiffness increases achieved deform and displace the breast prosthesis causing pain and deformity.

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