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Breast Augmentation Increase the Bogota Bogota sines

Breast augmentation breast augmentation bogota

“Breast augmentation” O “Breast augmentation”

How much does breast surgery? Prices 2018

Breast Augmentation or Breast Augmentation, everything you need to know, scar, cost and doubts

What is Mammoplasty?

“Breast augmentation Bogota”

The Mamoplastia de Aumento known as Breast augmentation O Breast augmentation is an operation performed by the Dr. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery S.C.C.P. in Bogota Colombia.

There are multiple reasons for the Breast augmentation from Breast implant; This surgical procedure usually is aimed at improving the general outline highlighting the size and shape of breasts in women who for reasons such as inheritance, lactation or asymmetries, They have a deficit of breast volume or wishing to bring harmony to their bodies.

breast augmentation

“Price sinus surgery in Bogota Colombia” 2018

“Cost of breast augmentation surgery in Colombia”



The cost of breast augmentation surgery can vary between $5.000.000 A $6.500.000 Colombian pesosThe value of consultation is $100.000 Colombian pesos

(All costs vary depending on the method, the complexity of the process and the case of each patient)

“these values ​​are by way of information average. But may vary from case according patient needs”

What is the duration of surgery Breast Augmentation?




The procedure takes mamoplastia 1 a 2 HoursIt is not requiredgluteoplastyAbdominal dialLipolisisabdominoplasty

What is the recovery time mammoplasty?




Mammoplasty recovery is 3 a 5 days GeneralBody shaping , Enlarged breasts, Design female figure
mamoplastia price

Definition of Breast Augmentation or Breast Augmentation

“breast augmentation Bogota”

As a result of development women have a harmonious growth of your breasts, On the other hand it is not always the same in all, during his adolescence as a result of genetic factors that may affect proper growth for this reason, making the bust in some cases small or inconspicuous in relation to the rest of the body.

The breasts or breasts actually they have an important connotation in the sensuality of women, most are not satisfied with respect to the size of your breasts and have the perception that there is no harmony in their bodies, this makes them feel less sensual than other women feel insecure and low self-esteem

mamoplastia bogota

¿Mamoplastia, Who are the ideal candidates?

Breast augmentation Bogota

• Healthy Women.
• Women who have asymmetries or size difference.
• insufficient Sizes.
• Emotionally Stable.
• Clear Expectations Procedure

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¿Mamoplastia, Who do not is indicated or which patients is contraindicated?

Breast augmentation Bogota

Always each case must be evaluated in detail But there are situations that increase the presence of complications.

• Autoimmune Diseases and Metabolic.
• Coagulation Disorders.
• Active infections.
• Chronic diseases.
• Dysmorphic Syndromes.
• cicatrization disorders.
• Allergies to all suture materials.
• Cardiovascular problems.
• Pregnant women or who are breastfeeding.

Why breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation Bogota

The Breast surgery o On Breast Augmentation It is the procedure Body Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which seeks to increase the volume; improve the shape or reconstruct breasts through breast implants O breast implants therefore increasing one to two glasses of brassiere size sometimes reaches a size increase as a result thereof generate the desired patient accompanied by texture changes and aesthetically pleasing way considerably improving the female figure.

Mammoplasty best bogotá

Previous preparation to Intervention Breast Surgery or Breast Implant.

Breast augmentation Bogotá

You must meet the following intervention previous indications.

  • • Suspension of aspirin or anti-inflammatories.
  • • Suspension of multivitamins.
  • • Taking Breast Ultrasound.
  • • No smoking at least two weeks before and two weeks after surgery.
  • • Blood Laboratories (Blood chemistry)

How is Breast Augmentation Surgery or Surgery Mammary Prostheses?

Breast augmentation Bogotá

The procedure is performed in operating rooms, Under general anesthesia may last 30 minutes 2 hours taking into account each. There are different ways of placement of the implants are Via :

  • • Areolar
  • • Axillary.
  • • Infra the submammary
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What is a Breast Implant Breast Prostheses or?

Breast augmentation Bogotá

A BREAST iMPLANTS It used in the Breast augmentation and It is a medical device that resembles a bag filled with a silicone gel high or low cohesiveness. Cohesiveness of silicone relates to adhesiveness / density / hardness giving ownership reduce the risk of migration of this in case of a break.

He Dr. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon used exclusively breast implants of the highest quality and recognized trading houses that meet all standards worldwide as Natrelle®, CUI®, Mentor®, POLYTECH®, providing security to their patients.

How important is the quality and type of breast implant surgery Breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation Bogotá

  • There are multiple brands marketbreast implants manufactured in various parts of the world. He Dr. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon ONLY use implants that are approved and surveillance worldwide in each of the steps in the manufacture or control entities such F.D.A
  • Among the brands used by the Dr. Camacho exist variety of shapes and sizes between these can find round or anatomical forms accompanied by covers smooth silicone or textured latter is created to statistically decrease the possibility of presenting capsular contracture or what is commonly known as "encapsulation" containing in inside high cohesiveness gel granted implant volume.

post-operative care intervention Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation Bogotá

Immediately after the intervention used a post-surgical bra for 8 semas about.

The sutures used only be removed under medical indication.
Avoid activities that compromise the surgical site as heavy lifting, Fitness cargo movement.

Collisions or until incisions are not perfectly healed should not be exposed to sunlight or enter or pools, bathtubs or beaches.

Location of breast implants

Breast augmentation Bogotá

He Dr. Gerardo Camacho Plastic Surgeon in Bogota Colombia; Through an incision around the areola breast implants located behind the gland (Subglandular) or behind the pectoral muscle more (Retromuscular) Site selection location of the implants is related to the anatomical features, Anthropometric and quality of existing tissue in each patient.

breast augmentation

FAQ Breast augmentation:

Everything you need to know about Mammoplasty

How is the surgery performed mammoplasty?

The procedure Breast enlargement It is performed by inserting prosthesis or own fat. The scar is very small and depends on the path to enter the implant: axillary, periareolar or in the groove midriff.

What is the purpose of the Breast Reduction?

The objective of the Breast reduction by breast hypertrophy It is to remove an excess of breast tissue both fat and skin, which gives a disproportionate amount to the breasts. The scars are very small and in a really inconspicuous area: Aura vertically to the submammary, sometimes also perpendicular following the shape of the groove.

What is Mastopexia?

Surgery Mastopexy is a cosmetic surgery operation concerning the Chest fallen. When the skin of the breasts gives for weight reasons or loosening of the skin can be age pregnancy or even the breast volume, excessive sagging breasts occurs.

In this case, the volume but the position is not changed. Distended skin ranging from halo towards the neck. That excess skin is removed, position rises areola and nipple, The mastopexy scars They are slightly longer than the mamoplastia.

What is the difference between breast augmentation and mastopexy?

Related topics plastic surgery They are no longer as unknown as before, nor the services offered in these procedures. Today it is easier to meet the goal of going under the knife for cosmetic reasons. surely heard many times words like mamoplastia o mastopexia Y We do not know exactly what operation is.

Both procedures are breast surgery for women, the breast or breasts They are one of the parts of the body that is given more importance. When they are too big, or too small or too may be fallen: volume and the correct positioning are corrected breast augmentation surgery and la mastopexy surgery.

Is it dangerous to perform Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Today with the perfection of anesthetic techniques, the development of the components of breast implants and hand institutions or clinics with all requirements established for these procedures.

When is it safe Surgery Breast Augmentation?

When it performed by a plastic surgeon accredited to the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery
They have led to breast augmentation has been considered a safe procedure with minimal risks as in any surgical procedure.

Does the Mammoplasty has risks?

Every activity of our lives generates a risk like taking a bus, the subway, a plane or drive a car.
As an intervention any surgery or procedure has risks although very low. Statistically it is impossible to reduce the risk to zero.

Mammary Prostheses Do Cause Cancer Breast?

There are many studies worldwide where it is shown that the risk of breast cancer is the same for women using implants and those without prosthesis.
It is also shown that breast reconstruction for women who suffered Breast Cancer Breast Implants are used to shape and volume.

Is it true that breast implants should change the 10 years of Mammoplasty?

With the evolution of materials for breast implants he has now led us to the 5th generation and has been shown that these have exceeded the period 10 years.
But a key factor is the correlation between the implant and the host organism is so after passing some years in low percentages may occur contractures or deformities.

Why are important periodic checks of the breasts?

Also in some cases the patient has weight fluctuations accompanying with excess skin in the breast. Requiring replacement with a decrease or increase in volumes accompanied by reduction or breast lift. Why they are important to periodic inspections.

Does Breast Augmentation affect breastfeeding?

Patients who have undergone this type have impaired intervention NO breastfeeding, They normally can breastfeed their children; the risk of discomfort or infection is like a patient who does not use implants.

After pregnancy when I can submit to the Breast Augmentation Surgery?

It must wait for all the structure go back to normal and between breasts, finished breastfeeding is the ideal time 6 months to undergo surgery.

Are breast implants lift sagging breasts?

NO, prostheses gives projection and increased volume of the breast. In cases where the breasts have decrease the indicated procedure is called Breast Lift or Pexia breast and taking into account the degree of collapse can lead to scarring of low to high extent and in different cases it may be accompanied by Mammary prosthesis.

Is the procedure mammoplasty or mamopexia is only for aesthetic reasons?

No, not all women undergo these procedures aesthetic reasons, There are also medical reasons (as the Breast reduction by the weight exerted on the back and other health issues)

The mamoplastia entails a change of volume and shape of the breast. The two types of procedures or surgeries that there are breast augmentation Y Breast reduction.


Breast surgery or breast augmentation is the procedure for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Body which seeks to increase the volume; improve the form or reconstructed breasts through breast implants or breast implants.

Breast Augmentation Increase the Bogota Bogota sines
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